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I am thrilled to be able to announce Couchbase as a launch partner with Oracle for their Paid Listing and their Stack launch in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Marketplace. Running Couchbase on OCI is a significant advantage to Oracle customers as it enables them to leverage Couchbase alongside their existing investments in Oracle databases and line of business applications. This makes it simpler to build highly differentiated new applications or augment existing applications. Couchbase is the first NoSQL document database to launch with Oracle and the first Oracle partner to have a multi-product listing (meaning customers can purchase both Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway within the same Marketplace listing). This builds on top of our existing leadership with Kubernetes where, with the Couchbase Autonomous Operator, we were the first vendor to offer native integration of Kubernetes with a NoSQL database. Most importantly, we continue to fulfill our mission to support our customers on any cloud with any workload in any location.  

Oracle Customer Options for Deploying Couchbase with Oracle

Now, existing Oracle customers have three options for deploying Couchbase with Oracle:

  • Paid Listing: North America only. Other geographies to follow.
  • Customer Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to the OCI Marketplace: Global availability. 
  • OCI Quick Start: We’ve built a Terraform provider which is Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) that automates the deployment of Couchbase Server on OCI. This includes Couchbase Mobile, enabling connectivity to embedded databases running on iOS and Android devices on edge. Terraform also is the underlying technology behind the public listings. The QuickStart is deployable through the command line and customizable.

With the Paid Listing, Oracle customers can use their Oracle Universal Credits in the Marketplace, thereby eliminating the need to hunt for budget when looking to run Couchbase. In addition, in Developer Preview, customers can also deploy Couchbase with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE). Here is the Quick Start for OKE.

“It was enjoyable to co-develop this marketplace deployment with Couchbase for two reasons. One, because of how straightforward their product is to configure and scale horizontally. And two, OCI’s standardization on Terraform allows for rapid changes that can be checked for correctness via a directed acyclic graph of dependencies.” – Collin Poczatek, Sr. Partner Architect, Oracle

Beyond ensuring that our customers continue to have access to our cloud-native geo-distributed JSON document-oriented database and key-value store from anywhere, we see a couple of additional important drivers for this new partnership and offering. First, we commonly see Oracle customers choosing Couchbase for their data-intensive web, mobile and IoT applications. Oracle customers want a highly scalable and available platform that is built for business-critical applications. You can read some of our customer stories here.

Oracle Customers Leveraging their Existing SQL skills

In addition, customers want to leverage the SQL skills they have spent years developing. Unlike other NoSQL products with proprietary query APIs, such as MongoDB, Couchbase Server is built on open standards and offers the first commercial implementation of SQL++, which extends standard SQL to JSON, making it easy for enterprises to migrate from relational databases to Couchbase Server. I’d encourage those who are unfamiliar to spend a few minutes trying out our tutorial.

This is a life-changing experience, I promise! In addition, by doing things like integrating our Full-Text Search with Query developers can combine structured queries with fuzzy search, a common pattern in enterprise applications. Also, unlike MongoDB, which forces developers to deal with the complexity of HOW to optimize a query with a procedural query API, Couchbase Server enables developers to easily express WHAT the outcome they want with a declarative query language that they are familiar with. Couchbase Server does the heavy lifting on figuring out the optimal way to execute the user queries. If you want to go deeper on approaches to query optimization in NoSQL I encourage you to check out this blog.

“Couchbase is a distributed NoSQL database. It’s a document store like MongoDB, but it differs in many interesting ways. For example, Couchbase offers a query language called N1QL that enables a user to write ANSI SQL (including Joins!) against the document store. These N1QL queries return JSON documents. It substantially simplifies the development of web, mobile, and IoT apps.” – Ben Lackey, Director, Marketplace Partnerships, Oracle

I’d encourage all of our existing customers who run on Oracle to give this a try. Oracle offers a free trial too. This includes a $300 credit to get you started with a range of Oracle services, including the compute, storage, and network IaaS.



Posted by Matt McDonough

Parlaying his experience in building emerging technologies as a product leader, Matt is responsible for Couchbase partner strategy and worldwide partner execution including channels, technology partners, solution partners, systems integrators, and cloud service providers. Prior to Couchbase, Matt was at EMC where he built out and led one of the flash storage offerings running product management, marketing, and solutions. And in a previous role at EMC, he led the company’s Emerging Technologies Division product and portfolio strategy. Before joining EMC, Matt was at Symantec/Veritas for seven years where he held positions across business development, alliances, strategy, marketing, and product management for both the security and information management businesses. Matt’s technology career is preceded by his service as a United States Army Officer. He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the United States Military Academy.

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