We get it, developers don’t have time to mess around. They want to build smarter, better, faster applications in the easiest way possible. With Couchbase Capella, developers can do just that. Don’t believe us? Take a look at 5 reasons developers are falling in love with our distributed NoSQL database as a fully managed service:

    1. Flexible – Capella fuses the agility and performance of a NoSQL database and the strengths of an RDBMS together with mobile syncing app services
    2. Fast – Capella delivers the industry-leading performance and availability needed for enterprise applications
    3. Familiar – Leverage your skills with the familiarity of SQL – the most well-known database language 
    4. Affordable – You get incredible price-performance, operational transparency and licensing flexibility to drive down your total cost of ownership
    5. Available –  With the recent addition of Microsoft Azure – you can now use Capella across all three major cloud providers (GCP, AWS, Azure) to support multicloud and hybrid cloud strategies

We 💖Developers

Not only does Capella deliver these essential features, but it goes a step further to help developers be even more productive. By focusing on developer needs and lowering barriers, Couchbase revamped the developer experience. 

From the streamlined Start page to exploring and editing sample datasets or building interactive queries in the web UI, you can be up and running easier than ever.

Capella start page

Additional tooling you will love includes the developer sandbox with built-in SDK samples and endpoint management for mobile apps on the edge using Capella’s App Services. From the cloud to the edge, Capella is committed to helping you fulfill your app development dreams.


Posted by Tyler Mitchell

Works as Senior Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase, helping bring knowledge about products into the public limelight while also supporting our field teams with valuable content. His personal passion is all things geospatial, having worked in GIS for half his career. Now AI and Vector Search is top of mind.

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