The ability to extract information from operational data in real time is critical for a modern, agile enterprise. The faster you can harness insights from data, the greater your advantage in driving revenue, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Modern architecture for real time big data combines Hadoop and NoSQL. Hadoop is engineered for big data analytics, but it’s not real time. NoSQL is engineered for real-time big data, but it’s operational rather than analytical. NoSQL together with Hadoop is the key to real time big data. 

What's hard for a relational database... ...is easy for Couchbase Server.

Manage massive volumes of data at high speed: Relational databases struggle to meet the high throughput requirements for real time big data applications

Thanks to its memory-centric architecture, integrated cache, and elastic scalability, Couchbase Server delivers high throughput required for real time big data applications

Store and manage numerous and changing data types: Due to their rigid schemas, relational databases cannot easily accommodate new attributes and frequent changes to the data model

Couchbase Server’s document-oriented, JSON-based data model accommodates any kind of data and changes on the fly

Export/import data to/from analytics platforms: Integrating relational databases with Hadoop and other modern big data tools is complex

Couchbase Server’s real time Hadoop integration (e.g., using Storm) via in-memory streaming makes it easy to export and import data for customer analytics


Customer Spotlight

PayPal Monitors Site Traffic in Real Time with Couchbase Server

PayPal integrated Couchbase Server, Storm, and Hadoop to build the foundation of its real-time analytics platform. Clickstream and interaction data from all channels is pushed to the platform for real-time analysis. The data is pulled in a stream processor, Storm, for filtering, enrichment, and aggregation. After the data is processed, it’s written to Couchbase Server where it’s accessed by rich visualization tools. With these tools, PayPal can monitor all traffic in real-time. In addition, PayPal leverages views in Couchbase Server to perform additional aggregation and filtering. Finally, the data is exported from Couchbase Server to Hadoop for offline analysis.


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