Engaging users with rich, informative content is a core requirement for every enterprise today – shopping sites, online publications, and digital archives are just a few examples. These applications need to give users fast, easy access to all kinds of content – structured, semi- or unstructured data, including text, photos, video, and more. While relational databases struggle with these requirements, Couchbase Server’s flexible data model and distributed architecture make content management fast, easy, and scalable.

What's hard for a relational database... ...is easy for Couchbase Server.

Manage structured, semi- and unstructured data: Relational databases cannot easily accommodate semi- and unstructured data

Couchbase Server’s document-oriented, JSON-based data model easily accommodates any kind of data

Provide fast access to data: Relational databases cannot deliver the speed and performance required for real-time data access

Thanks to its memory-centric architecture and integrated cache, Couchbase Server delivers sub-millisecond responsiveness for real time performance

Easily scale to support rapidly growing data volumes: Due to their “scale up” architecture, scaling a relational database is complex and expensive, and incurs system downtime

With its scale-out distributed architecture, Couchbase Server provides fast, affordable, “push-button” scalability with zero downtime


Customer Spotlight

Fortune 500 Media Company leverages Couchbase Server to deliver content to 50M online visitors

A Fortune 500 media company with 90+ media outlets replaced Microsoft SQL Server with Couchbase Server to support new content types, semi- and unstructured, while improving the overall online experience for 50+ million unique monthly visitors. The company’s publishing tier, providing access to centralized web-facing data for all its properties, now delivers a sustained throughput of 50K reads and 10K writes per second, allowing them to easily keep up with demand.


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