Embedded storage, real-time sync, and scalability

Build IoT apps that operate reliably all the time, even without the internet. On-device data storage and cloud-to-edge sync ensure consistency and accuracy. A managed cloud backend database makes deployment easy.


Top IoT app use cases

Avoid costly downtime by developing reliable IoT applications that work anywhere, with or without the internet. Easy connectivity and a fully managed backend enable quick deployment of IoT device fleets.


Develop and deploy smart manufacturing applications that power device management, smart assembly lines, remote asset tracking, and more.


Use IoT devices to deliver smart shelves, dynamic inventories, and just-walk-out shopping. Personalize offers in real time and collect customer data.


Power Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) apps that include wearables, sensors, and mobile devices for data collection, activity logging, and health recommendations.

Media & entertainment

Create great user experiences by supporting millions of endpoints and devices for streaming content, collecting data, managing user profiles, and maintaining states.

IoT app FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about using Couchbase for dynamic AI-powered IoT apps that don’t have to rely only on the cloud or the internet.

  • How can I ensure apps respond in real time?

    Embed data and AI processing directly into your apps that run on IoT devices to eliminate the latency that impacts performance.

  • How do I guarantee reliability and uptime?

    Reduce dependencies on an inherently unreliable internet by storing and processing data locally on devices.

  • How do I maintain data consistency and accuracy?