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Liberate your JSON data with real-time text searching capabilities
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Expanding the platform

Full Text Search (FTS) capabilities are now integrated into the Couchbase Data Platform, including Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) support. No additional download or installation required – enable the feature, create an index, start searching right away.

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couchbase product moblie platform

Integrated web management console

Simplified management of Search capabilities using integrated Couchbase Server management web console. Users can easily create indexes and test Search queries without jumping straight to coding.

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Comprehensive text analysis

Liberate your documents using a wide array of built-in text analyzers, or easily create custom analyzers to reflect your unique combination of requirements for text filtering, analysis, stemming, word lists, and more.

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couchbase product moblie platform
couchbase product moblie platform

Real-time indexing

Being part of the Couchbase Data Platform means your Search indexes stay up to date as your documents change. When new documents are added to Couchbase they are immediately handed over to be indexed for Search.

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Pre-built analyzers

Use default or custom analyzers built from a range of built-in components.

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Extract more value

Search indexes stay up to date automatically as documents change.

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Multilingual options

Powerful English language analyzers are built into the Search system, along with eight other languages also added from community libraries.

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Based on Bleve open source

The engine behind Couchbase Full Text Search is from the Bleve product – a powerful, modern open source Go-based full-text engine developed in-house by Couchbase engineers.

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