Couchbase Full-Text Search

Liberate your JSON data with real-time search

Maximize ROI on your existing Couchbase investment by immediately enabling Couchbase Full-Text Search (FTS) on your operational data. This out-of-the-box integration with the Couchbase Data Platform delivers enhanced capabilities from the database, increases productivity, simplifies maintenance, and features centrally managed role-based security from database to search. Get started easily with the integrated web UI for building indexes, then deploy your application to production using REST APIs and SDKs.




Are text search challenges holding your business back?


Architectural complexity

Synchronizing data and indexes separately on disparate search and database systems is labor intensive and reduces productivity.

High cost of ownership

Using multiple vendors creates duplicate costs for search and database system licensing, training, and support, which makes the total cost of your technology stack considerably higher.

Security nightmare

A multi-system architecture requires multiple points of management, which reduces overall security.

Unleash agility, simplicity, and security from an integrated text search platform

Distributed, rapid search for JSON

Integrated search for customer euphoria

Couchbase FTS sifts through unstructured JSON data from device to web applications, giving customers an amazing experience. Plus, developers spend less time coding with a single-platform approach.

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Integrated search for customer euphoria
Cost effective and built for any scale

Cost-effective and built for any scale

FTS capabilities are integrated into the Couchbase Data Platform, so you can scale search with Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) to meet any business demands. No third-party search solution is needed, and no additional Couchbase download or installation is required. Simply enable the feature, create an index, and start searching right away.

Scale out search elastically

The most secure and easy-to-manage platform

Having a single-platform search service eliminates the need for third-party integrations and enables management stability with centralized role-based security from server to edge.

Full-stack security
Most secured and easiest platform to manage

"At the highest level, we talk about Full Text Search as a way of getting more value from the investment that you've made, by easily enabling the searching of documents that you have stored."

Tyler Mitchell
Senior Product Manager, Couchbase

Technical features and capabilities

Language awareness

Powerful English language analyzers are built into the search system, along with nineteen other languages from community libraries.

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Search to the edge

Native support of full-text search in Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile enables developers to build amazing search experiences for customers in the cloud or on edge devices. Users can search for text, text fragments, and text connected by binary operators.

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N1QL query language

The power of Couchbase’s Full-Text Search and N1QL capabilities gives application developers an expressive and complete declarative language to build amazing applications faster.

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Bleve open source

The engine behind Couchbase Full-Text Search is from the Bleve product – a powerful open source Go-based full-text engine developed in-house by Couchbase engineers.

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Session store

Session store

Track user statistics like session creation, state tracking, and session security. Scale query capabilities as user statistics increase.

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Catalog and inventory management

Leverage ad hoc queries on product listings, pricing catalogs, user information, and more. Enable operational reporting on inventory.

customer 360

Customer 360

Flexible query capabilities enable quick access to new and changing forms of data from any number of customer touchpoints.The result is a single cohesive view of customers that delivers a consistent experience.

Start creating amazing customer experiences today.