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Enabling everyday users to create, search, compile, and edit video for powerful employee branding

Built with Couchbase Capella™, Seenit gives enterprises a highly innovative and collaborative employee-powered video platform that’s easy to use. After crowdsourcing video content from employees, fans, and customers, companies can quickly sort through thousands of videos to find the perfect clips. The powerful combination of Couchbase’s SQL++ and full-text search on top of machine learning in the cloud allows companies and their employees to build their brands using engaging storytelling videos.

About Seenit


videos stored




stories collected


    • From vast catalogs of videos, find short clips that meet specific requirements
    • Search videos to detect complex information like specific visual or audio elements or the sentiment of the content
    • Scale to accommodate a quickly growing business by supporting new features, large files, and massive amounts of data


    • Full-text search allows sophisticated search for any combination of words, and sentiments in over 500,000 videos stored in Couchbase
    • Machine learning adds subtitles to videos and in-memory cache leads to fast response times for key-value lookup
    • The platform scales and upgrades with ease, enabling what would have been a 6-month upgrade project to be completed in under a month
Switching to Capella enabled us to offload support, upgrades, and management to the Couchbase team. This has been a no-brainer from my point of view. We’re a 10-person team, so I’d rather rely on specialists’ knowledge and let my development team focus on other areas. I know Couchbase can handle whatever scale we need. It’s a really powerful tool.

Ian Merrington CTO, Seenit

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