About Seenit


    • From vast catalogs of videos, find short clips that meet specific requirements
    • Evaluate, store, and search complex properties of video content
    • Scale to accommodate a quickly growing business, including new features, large files, and massive amounts of data


    • Full-Text Search allows sophisticated search on any combination of visual objects, words, and sentiments
    • Video tags stored as JSON objects are searchable using wildcarding, fuzzy search, and Boolean search
    • Couchbase scaled effortlessly, and a new search feature implementation was shortened from 12 weeks to 1 week
We already extensively use N1QL for our structured querying, but now with full-text search integrated into Couchbase, we can seamlessly search all this data and derive relevance-based intelligence using a single data platform.

Dave Starling CTO, Seenit

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  • Recommendation engine
  • User profile
  • Media catalog
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