managed services
Streamline operations with Couchbase Managed Cloud

Offload the management of your database

By leveraging the most powerful NoSQL technology, the Couchbase Managed Cloud provides cloud and database infrastructure management with 24/7/365 support and always-on capabilities. With features like multicloud support, end-to-end security, and high performance via co-located applications and databases, Couchbase Managed Cloud eliminates the operational burden of deploying and managing your data platform infrastructure in the cloud so that you can focus on strategic business initiatives.



Solve your toughest cloud management problems


Tied-up IT resources

DBAs and DevOps spend too much time managing and operating infrastructure instead of supporting strategic business initiatives.

Unpredictable demand

Forecasting spikes in demand is difficult, and mistakes can result in over-allocation of infrastructure that leads to loss of revenue and poor customer experiences.

Cloud infrastructure management, simplified

Always-on support and capabilities to simplify your journey to the cloud

Free up time and resources to accelerate time to market

Outsource the administration of your database infrastructure to free up resources and drive business initiatives. 

Free up time and resources to accelerate time to market
Mitigate risks

Mitigate risks

Improve reliability with proactive maintenance, optimizations, and on-demand scaling of resources. Deploy an environment that’s built specifically for your application needs. Eliminate downtime by having a single point of contact and a 24/7/365 support model.

Reduce costs

Reduce DevOps and DBA staffing by using our cloud and database experts. Avoid idle infrastructure by scaling out only when needed.

Reduce costs

“With Couchbase Managed Cloud, we manage your cloud database infrastructure, so that you can focus on developing the applications and experiences core to your business.”

Rahul Pradhan
Director of Product Management, Couchbase


Managed service for Couchbase includes sizing and building,
managing and operating, support, and planning and optimizing.




High performance and secure

Managed within your own cloud provider account for complete control, isolation and security. Maximize performance by co-locating your application and database within your own virtual private cloud.

Cost optimized

Leverage your relationship with cloud providers to get the best pricing without a middle man.

Multicloud capable

Couchbase Managed Cloud enables cross-cloud replication for disaster recovery, backup, and geolocation. 

Fully managed service

Couchbase manages all aspects of your database infrastructure as well as provides a white glove experience with a dedicated service manager to ensure a successful operation of your mission critical database deployments.

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