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Couchbase Autonomous Operator 1.2 is now GA

Any cloud, any workload, any location

Couchbase is a geo-distributed cloud-native database that provides data modeling flexibility with native support for JSON, elastic scalability with a shared-nothing architecture, high performance through a built-in cache, and cross datacenter availability through inter- and intra-cluster data replication. Couchbase is built on the most powerful NoSQL database technology and powers today’s business-critical applications in any multicloud environment.



Address the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption


Ensuring business continuity

Organizations spend a substantial amount of time planning for unpredictable demand and peak workloads, scaling applications to new geographies using traditional methods, and struggling to meet demand in a cost-effective manner.

Lack of data governance

Today’s "anytime, anywhere" access to data in the cloud can cause challenges for businesses who must enforce authorized access to that data, especially as data crosses geo-boundaries and must comply with the security regulations of different regions.

Vendor lock-in

Enterprises don’t want to be locked-in to any one provider. Vendor flexibility enables enterprises to get price-competitive cloud services and to leverage specific capabilities offered by a particular cloud provider in a given geography.

Take full advantage of multicloud

Simplify your journey from on-premises to any cloud

Elastic scalability and global data distribution

Couchbase’s cloud-native architecture provides performance at scale, on-demand scaling to handle unpredictable and spiky workloads, and the ability to easily distribute data globally.

agile sync seamless data sharing
Scalable, always-on mobile experience

Governance and security

With built-in Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), enterprise-grade encryption from client applications to the cloud, and data filtering capability in the replication protocol, you can enforce security standards and also define geo-boundaries where data should reside based on data governance rules.

Data migration to any cloud

Couchbase cross datacenter replication (XDCR) technology together with Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes provides cloud interoperability and gives you the freedom to move data to any cloud.

Secure, manage, and develop with ease

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Cloud-native architecture

Couchbase's cloud-native architecture provides auto-sharding with shared-nothing architecture, Multi-Dimensional Scaling for better resource utilization and workload isolation, cross datacenter replication (XDCR) for global data distribution, and Couchbase Sync Gateway for syncing data from edge to the cloud.

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Autonomous Operator

Couchbase can be easily deployed in a managed private cloud, which offers maximum flexibility, customizability, and performance. Plus, with the Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes, you can run Couchbase as a service on a private cloud.

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Cloud Marketplace

Couchbase can be easily deployed to any cloud using pre-built templates and infrastructure as a core. And now, with the Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes, customers can run Couchbase as a service in any cloud.

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Managed Cloud

With multicloud support, end-to-end security, and high performance at any scale, Couchbase Managed Cloud eliminates the operational burden of deploying and managing the Couchbase Data Platform in the cloud so you can focus on strategic business initiatives.

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Public cloud partners

Amazon Web Services offers global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services.

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Microsoft Azure is a flexible, enterprise-grade cloud platform. Move faster, do more, and save money with IaaS + PaaS.

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Google Cloud Platform lets you build and host applications and sites, and store and analyze data on Google's infrastructure.

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Ryanair customer

Leading travel industry company Ryanair provides 60% faster booking times and 87% less data transferred for 3+ million mobile app users by leveraging Couchbase on the AWS cloud.

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faster booking times


app users

By applying Couchbase’s N1QL and Full-Text Search (FTS) over machine learning in the Google Cloud, Seenit provides its customers with an incredibly powerful search function that allows them to filter video submissions by objects in the video, specific words or phrases in the audio, video and audio quality, sentiment, and many other attributes. N1QL enables Seenit to sort, filter, transform, group, and combine data from multiple JSON documents with a single query.

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Viber, a fast-growing messaging platform that allows hundreds of millions of users to make free calls and send billions of free messages over their platform every month, needed to expand fast. Running Couchbase in the cloud, they are able to handle hundreds of thousands of ops per second – an order of magnitude more than their previous solution on MongoDB.

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Gannett is one of America’s largest media companies, with systems that are accessed by 96 million visitors per month. The company wanted a more portable database platform at a lower cost than the SQL Server they were using. After evaluating several of the top NoSQL players, including MongoDB and Cassandra, Gannett chose Couchbase due to its memory-first architecture and ease of deployment from on-premises to any cloud.

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SafetyCulture’s mobile-first iAuditor application is used by organizations across industries globally to conduct over 1.47 million workplace inspections every month. With the power of Couchbase’s N1QL query language and elastically scalable architecture, SafetyCulture is able to bring new features to market faster by deploying their solution on the AWS cloud.

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