Couchbase Cloud DBaaS

What Is Couchbase Cloud?


Couchbase Cloud is a fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) for mission-critical applications. Deploy Couchbase Cloud in your AWS VPC and let us manage the work for you. We offer the emerging best practices of in-VPC deployment, multicluster management in a single interface, and hybrid cloud replication into and from Couchbase Cloud, all while delivering operational transparency and low TCO. Couchbase Cloud empowers customers to control their data, clusters, clouds, and costs.

Why Use Couchbase Cloud Database-as-a-Service?

 Feature  Benefit
World’s most powerful and versatile NoSQL database – Couchbase Server Expertly managed configuration: memory-first, key-value, and JSON, N1QL, FTS, analytics, and eventing services
In-VPC deployment is the emerging best practice that secures and isolates data under customers’ control Control your data and security
Single pane of glass management Ability to easily control clusters anywhere
On-premises (hybrid cloud) to Couchbase Cloud and replication for live migration and disaster recovery, plus cross cloud replication (XDCR) Control clouds
Customer-positive licensing and the best price/performance of any NoSQL offering Control costs and maintain predictability

Couchbase Cloud (DBaaS) Pricing


Couchbase Cloud
Free 30-day trial

Couchbase Cloud
Developer Pro

Couchbase Cloud

Description Expires after 30 days 10x5 service level responsiveness for noncritical cluster deployments such as development, testing, migration, and internal projects 24x7 service level for enterprise-grade clusters and fast response times for customer-facing and critical projects

Entry price


$0.31/hr per node*

$0.47/hr per node*
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*The pricing shown above is for Couchbase services only. It does not include pricing for any required AWS resources (e.g., compute instances).

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With the Couchbase Cloud platform you get:


✓ Automated deployment, scaling, failure recovery, and upgrades

✓ Unified monitoring and alerting

✓ Multicloud deployments and hybrid cloud support

✓ Data secured in flight and at rest for end-to-end security

Cloud Service Customer FAQ’s

Last updated: 29, June 2020



1. What is DBaaS?


Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) describes a fully programmable database management system. Couchbase Cloud is a good example of a DBaaS that is built from the ground up to be automated, resilient, secure, and multi-cloud, capable of running apps in any cloud environment and scaling up or down instantly, according to usage requirements. Database-as-a-Service systems are becoming increasingly popular for supporting the growing catalog of cloud native software being published into the world.


2. What is Couchbase Cloud Service?


Couchbase Cloud Service is a fully managed, automated, and secure Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) that simplifies database management by deploying, managing, and operating Couchbase Server across multi-cloud environments with just a few clicks. Couchbase Cloud Service is flexible, highly available, and provides a differentiated economical option for enterprises looking to reduce operational tasks while taking advantage of the most powerful NoSQL technology.


3. Where is Couchbase Cloud Service available?


Couchbase Cloud Service is currently available in AWS across regions in North America and the EU. AWS North America Regions: US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Canada (Central), AWS EU Regions: EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), EU (London), EU (Paris), EU (Stockholm).


4. What are the various Couchbase Cloud Service offerings?


Cloud Service offerings include Developer Pro and Enterprise. For more details visit the pricing page.


5. How are Couchbase Cloud Service clusters deployed?


Couchbase Cloud Service clusters are deployed in a fully automated manner within a Customers own virtual cloud environment on public cloud platforms. Couchbase Cloud Service implements operational and security best practice of running Couchbase Server in the cloud.


6. Is there a feature parity between Couchbase Cloud Service and Couchbase Enterprise Server?


Couchbase Cloud Service is built using a cloud-native architecture on top of Couchbase technology. Couchbase Cloud Service supports Couchbase Enterprise Server 6.5.1 and above. To optimize for availability, reliability, and security, Couchbase Cloud Service eliminates the variability and unpredictability that customizing certain settings may lead to. As part of Couchbase Cloud Service deployments, all access to Couchbase Software is consolidated via the Couchbase Cloud Control Plane and or the SDK. Access to the Couchbase web console or CLI is not available.


7. Can I move my existing Couchbase Enterprise Server deployment to Couchbase Cloud Services?


Yes, Customers can use Couchbase’s native replication technology; XDCR, or the set of migration tools in Couchbase Cloud Service to migrate Customers from self-managed Couchbase clusters to Couchbase Cloud Service.


8. Can you help move my data to Couchbase Cloud Service?


Yes, Couchbase offers a variety of professional services packages in order to help you architect and migrate your data to Couchbase Cloud Service. For more details visit our Cloud Service Professional Services page.


9. What am I responsible for when I use Couchbase Cloud Service?


As a Customer, you are responsible for managing your application as well as application-specific database requirements such as schema design, database sizing, infrastructure selection, database optimizations, and capacity planning.


10. What happens when I stop using Couchbase Cloud Services?


At the end of the Couchbase Cloud Service subscription, Customer has the option to renew or migrate its data out of Couchbase Cloud Service. 


11. How does Couchbase Cloud Service ensure the high availability of my data?


All Couchbase clusters created as part of Couchbase Cloud Service are spread out across multiple availability zones, in the selected cloud region to provide availability zone resilience. Additionally, Couchbase Cloud Service ensures availability of data across the nodes of a cluster; across groups of nodes within a cluster; and across separate clusters, potentially located in different cloud regions using Couchbase’s native replication technologies (XDCR).


12. How does Couchbase Cloud Service handle backups?


Couchbase Cloud Service offers fully automated and managed backups that can be performed manually or scheduled automatically via the Couchbase Cloud Control Plane. 


13. How does Couchbase Cloud Service secure my data?


Couchbase Cloud Service provides comprehensive security features in order to secure your account and data in the cloud. All communication and data are secured with the latest encryption standards including data at rest and in-flight encryptions. Access to the Couchbase Cloud Control Plane and the clusters are all managed by strict role-based access control policies.  


14. Can I use my cloud providers’ reserved instances?

Yes, Customers can use its reserved instances as well as cloud providers offered discounts to apply to the IaaS that is created within Customers cloud accounts. This not only offers the most flexibility but also offers the best TCO for your deployment. The cloud provider will bill Customer directly for the IaaS portion.


15. What tools does Couchbase Cloud Service include?


The most common Couchbase Enterprise Software tools including Query Workbench, Analytics Workbench, Document Editor; Migration tools; and Monitoring dashboards that are built into Couchbase Cloud Service. 


16. How do I contact Couchbase Cloud Support?


Support can be contacted via the Support panel within the Couchbase  Cloud Control Plane.


17. What options do I have to move my existing Couchbase Enterprise Software deployment to Couchbase Cloud Service? 


Customers can use Couchbase’s native replication technology - XDCR or Couchbase Software’s backup and restore functionality to migrate data from a self-managed clusters to Couchbase Cloud Service.