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Deploy, manage, and operate Couchbase in a few clicks

Couchbase Cloud is a fully managed, automated, and secure Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) that simplifies database management by deploying, managing, and operating Couchbase Server across multicloud environments with just a few clicks. Couchbase Cloud is flexible, highly available, and provides a differentiated economical option for enterprises looking to reduce operational tasks while taking advantage of the most powerful NoSQL technology.

With Couchbase Cloud you get:

✓ Automated deployment, scaling, failure recovery, and upgrades

✓ Unified monitoring and alerting

✓ Multicloud deployments and hybrid cloud support

✓ Data secured in flight and at rest for end-to-end security

Pricing and offerings

Couchbase Cloud does not “margin stack” and charge for the underlying Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Customers are billed for the IaaS directly by the cloud service provider (CSP), enabling you to negotiate with them directly and maximize the benefits of preferential pricing.

For Couchbase Cloud, you can prepay for credits or pay as you go using a credit card online or invoicing by mail. We offer volume discounts for long-term commitments. Any unused credits have a 12-month expiration and roll over at the end of each month.

Enterprise-class NoSQL with simplicity of the cloud

Fully managed

• Size, deploy, operate, upgrade, and scale your Couchbase environment
• Comprehensive monitoring and alerting
• Public APIs for third-party tool integration

agile sync seamless data sharing
Scalable, always-on mobile experience


• Streamlined onboarding and operational experience with built-in best practices
• Manage and operate with a few clicks
• Available on demand


• Data secured and isolated in customer’s public cloud environment
• Encrypted at rest and in flight
• RBAC with MFA for key operations

Secure, manage, and develop with ease

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Couchbase Cloud


Built on the latest cloud innovations and open source technologies, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana, Couchbase Cloud offers a fully automated control plane, which unlike other DBaaS offerings, connects with a separate data plane within the customer’s own virtual private cloud. This approach puts customers in control of their data while also providing a host of other benefits, including higher performance, lower latency, and stronger security.


With Couchbase Cloud you get:


  • Automated deployment, scaling, failure recovery, and upgrades
  • Unified monitoring and alerting
  • Multicloud deployments and hybrid cloud support
  • Data secured in flight and at rest for end-to-end security