Scale out elastically with Couchbase NoSQL and drastically reduce cost

Top 5 reasons companies replace Oracle with Couchbase

If you’re running into limits with Oracle (or other relational databases) – either in terms of rising costs and complexity, or in scaling to meet your requirements – we invite you to evaluate Couchbase as your NoSQL database platform.

Many companies have chosen Couchbase either to complement Oracle and other relational databases, or in some cases replace them. Their top 5 reasons:


Easier to scale

Whether running on 3 nodes or hundreds – in 1 or multiple data centers – Couchbase is based on a distributed architecture as opposed to Oracle’s scale-up model and scales seamlessly on commodity hardware based on your applications needs.


Better performance

Couchbase features a memory-first architecture with an integrated cache, memory-optimized indexes, and memory-to-memory replication to deliver consistent, high throughput with submillisecond response time, at any scale.


Up to 40x lower cost

With subscriptions based on the number of instances, Couchbase typically costs 10-40x less than Oracle and its complex per-core based licensing – especially on servers with many cores.


Greater agility and faster time-to-market

With a JSON-based data model and a SQL-based query language (N1QL), Couchbase enables developers to build applications easier, faster, and without the need for complex object/relational mapping. Natively store your JSON data and roll out your application updates faster.



Couchbase can be deployed on Windows or Linux (including Oracle Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, and more), simplifying deployment and administration by decoupling the database from the operating system.

Moving from Relational to NoSQL: How to Get Started

Along with detailed examples of data and code, we'll walk you through:

  • • Identifying the right application for your first NoSQL project
  • • Examples of modeling relational data as documents
  • • Options for performing reads and writes, queries, and aggregation
  • • Requirements for a successful proof of concept
  • • Tips for migrating from relational databases


How Couchbase helps increase performance and reduce costs

⤴ Easy scale out & high performance

Distributed, in-memory data

Access terabytes of data with consistent, submillisecond latency by leveraging integrated caching and built-in clustering.

Elastic, on-demand scaling

Support increasing workloads, permanent or temporary, by adding nodes on demand to scale out reads and writes.

Multi-master, multi-site deployment

Make all reads and writes local by running in multiple locations and enabling built-in, cross datacenter replication.

⤵ Drastically Reduce Costs

Less software costs

Reduce the number of proprietary licenses by a) offloading some of the workload and b) moving to an open source subscription.

Less hardware costs

Reduce the amount of hardware needed by offloading some of the workload and scaling out on commodity hardware.

No expensive add-ons

Eliminate the need for Oracle Coherence and GoldenGate with integrated caching and built-in cross datacenter replication.

Why are customers replacing Oracle with NoSQL and how are they doing it?

Register for this webinar to get practical advice about:

  1. How and why customers like CenterEdge switched to Couchbase
  2. Which applications are the best candidates for NoSQL
  3. How to get started building a JSON document data model
  4. How to migrate a table-based data model to JSON documents
  5. How to optimize your design to enable fast query performance

Attend the live webinar to get your NoSQL questions answered in real time.


See how companies use Couchbase with Oracle
and other databases to boost performance and cut costs

Digital Insight

Session store

Increase application performance and scalability, while reducing complexity and cost. Digital Insight, an online banking platform, replaced Oracle Coherence, cutting infrastructure requirements by over 50%.


Mainframe offloading

Offload workloads from a backend mainframe to reduce MIPS costs and enable new services. Marriott, as part of its legacy modernization efforts, uses Couchbase to offload room availability and reservations.


Data aggregation

Aggregate data from multiple backend databases to simplify data access. Tesco uses Couchbase to aggregate data from product, inventory, and pricing databases, making it easier to develop and scale centralized services.


Transient data management

Store short-lived data in a memory-optimized database to improve application performance while reducing load on the relational database. eBay uses Couchbase to store user authentication tokens and session state.

Dixons Carphone

Peak load management

Handle peak workloads and unexpected spikes while avoiding the cost and complexity of scaling a relational database. U.K. retailer Dixons Carphone uses Couchbase to handle real-time inventory lookups, Oracle is the system of record.

Bringing NoSQL into your technology stack is easier than ever

For Developers

SQL-based query language: N1QL supports filtering, projection, aggregation, and more

Flexible JOINs: query related data with left outer and inner joins, utilizing indexes on either side

Prepared statements: create prepared statements to improve query performance

Powerful indexing: create simple, compound, partial, functional, and covering indexes

Query editor: create ad hoc queries, display the results, and browse automatically inferred schemas

For Administrators

Query monitoring: list active queries, completed long-running queries, and prepared statements

Elastic scaling: with automatic replication and partitioning, add instances with the push of a button

Multiple data centers: built-in, bidirectional replication between data centers or cloud zones

Enterprise security: deploy in secure environments with encryption, LDAP, auditing, RBAC, and more

Disaster recovery: perform high performance, streaming backup/restore operations with confidence

Find out if Couchbase is a good fit for your use case – talk to a Couchbase Solutions Engineer

In less than 30 minutes, one of our experts can usually diagnose if your use case could benefit from Couchbase. At a minimum, you’ll probably get some great advice about how to work around your current challenges.