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Equifax is best known for providing credit lenders with the information they use to make consumer loans. When a top lender announced major changes in the amount and type of data they required, Equifax had to act fast to update their system. They decided to switch to a NoSQL database to get the high performance and scalability needed to provide 5-millisecond response times while handling 1.5 billion constantly changing records. A key factor in choosing Couchbase over MongoDB™ and Redis was that only Couchbase enabled Equifax to scale individual workloads separately.

“The most important thing as I was going through the evaluation process is the multi-dimensional scaling. Having a few nodes for a specific use case is very powerful rather than trying to use every node for horizontal scalability.”

Jay Duraisamy
SVP, USIS Engineering Leader, Equifax


  • Needed high throughput and easy scalability to provide 5-millisecond response times to banks and lenders

  • Required performance at scale to support rapidly growing data sets of petabytes and beyond

  • Needed high uptime to keep services available for businesses around the world


  • Multi-dimensional scaling enables scaling of individual workloads while processing 300+ million documents in 40 minutes

  • Cross datacenter replication (XDCR) and master-master replication support a comprehensive disaster recovery plan

  • Powerful system monitoring and management lower operations costs