Helping businesses create unmatched meeting and event experiences



Customer application

  • Event management

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • Microservices
  • Source of truth


Cloud provider

  • AWS

Key features

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As the company behind the industry’s leading event and meeting management platform, Cvent is constantly building new services for its customers. Over time, Cvent’s platform grew into a monolithic application that was increasingly difficult to scale. In order to improve scalability and simplify development, Cvent made the move to a microservices architecture. They chose Couchbase’s NoSQL database as the center of their new architecture because it’s uniquely able to provide the high performance, scalability, and flexibility required for continuous delivery.

"Moving forward, Couchbase is becoming a primary source of truth for a lot of our data and the relational structures make it really easy for developers to integrate."

Howard Uman
Senior Architect, Cvent


  • Cvent’s massive and growing platform made it difficult and expensive to scale

  • The size of the platform made it increasingly difficult to administer

  • Wanted to be able to rapidly deploy new applications and updates


  • Couchbase scales easily and efficiently to hundreds of nodes
  • A built-in web admin console makes it easy to configure, manage, and monitor
  • Developers work on the fly using Couchbase’s schemaless database and SQL-based query language