Bringing modern medical care to remote patients using peer-to-peer sync



Customer application

  • E-medical records

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • Healthcare 360
  • User profile store


Cloud provider

  • AWS

Key features


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BackpackEMR was born in 2014 after a trip to Peru gave the company’s founder insight into the medical experience of rural communities. To increase efficiency, cut costs, and streamline operations while improving patient care, BackpackEMR provides mobile clinics with critical technology that’s missing from most standard patient-tracking solutions. The BackpackEMR system seamlessly manages up to 20 devices and transfers up to 60,000 documents within seconds. To date, BackpackEMR has helped provide healthcare to 50,000 patients across 19 countries. With Couchbase and AWS BackpackEMR has greater efficiency, lower costs, and most importantly for its patients - better care.

“Oftentimes, these clinics have limited or no internet access. The peer-to-peer synchronization in Couchbase Mobile enables patient data to be shared across the clinic seamlessly in real time.”

Lori Most
CEO, BackpackEMR


  • Rural clinics had to use paper medical records due to limited or unreliable electricity and internet
  • Mobile clinics had to store paper records at a fixed remote location, which meant they weren’t available on-site for future follow-up care
  • Using paper charts and records is time-intensive, decreasing the number of patients that can be seen in a day


  • Offline-first peer-to-peer networking creates a seamless patient experience and cuts charting costs by 20% compared to paper

  • When internet access is available, all patient records sync to the cloud, enabling clinics to access the data for future care

  • BackpackEMR’s SaaS has reduced manual processes by 25% and increased the number of patients seen by 30%