Developing market-leading products that need to evolve rapidly is difficult. Staying ahead of the competition is critical as is protecting profitability. Couchbase’s data platform helps our ISV customers gain flexibility to accelerate product development, while at the same time delivering broad capabilities and a highly scalable architecture that drives down TCO.

Improving margins and cost competitiveness

Couchbase’s unique data platform provides a document database, built-in caching, full-text search, analytics, and more, all with a single license. This eliminates the costs for ISV customers to license, learn, integrate, and maintain multiple technology database platforms.

Couchbase’s distributed and memory-first architecture delivers an extremely cost-effective way to grow applications.

Overcome Legacy Database Challenges

Couchbase’s distributed, memory-first architecture ensures high performance, massive scalability, and low latency everyday.

Improve Development Agility and Speed

Bring features to market faster with flexible schemas, multiple access methods, a unified programming model, and more.

Consolidate to Save Time, Effort, and Costs

Our integrated data platform means less technologies to learn, code, integrate, secure, update, and support.

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Improve flexibility, speed, and margins with Couchbase