Improve Revenue, Margins, and Time to Market

Couchbase makes it easier for ISVs to add features and increase differentiation

Developing market-leading products that need to evolve rapidly is difficult. Staying ahead of the competition is critical as is protecting profitability. Couchbase’s data platform helps our ISV customers gain flexibility to accelerate product development, while at the same time delivering broad capabilities and a highly scalable architecture that drives down TCO.

Improving margins and cost competitiveness

Couchbase’s unique data platform provides a document database, built-in caching, full-text search, analytics, and more, all with a single license. This eliminates the costs for ISV customers to license, learn, integrate, and maintain multiple technology database platforms.

Couchbase’s distributed and memory-first architecture delivers an extremely cost-effective way to grow applications.

Overcome Legacy Database Challenges

Couchbase’s distributed, memory-first architecture ensures high performance, massive scalability, and low latency everyday.

Improve Development Agility and Speed

Bring features to market faster with flexible schemas, multiple access methods, a unified programming model, and more.

Consolidate to Save Time, Effort, and Costs

Our integrated data platform means less technologies to learn, code, integrate, secure, update, and support.

Launch of ISV Starter Factory by Couchbase and AWS

Couchbase and AWS launched the ISV Starter Factory to help developers get a head start with building their applications through discounted licensing, free trainings and access to a fully managed 30-day Proof of Concept workshop.

Couchbase ISV quotes

"The most important thing as I was going through the evaluation process is the multi-dimensional scaling."

– Jay Duraisamy SVP, USIS Engineering Leader, Equifax

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"We looked at Couchbase, we looked at Cassandra, we looked at Mongo. We found that the replication technology across data centers for Couchbase was superior, especially for the large workloads."

– Claus Moldt, CIO, FICO

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"Couchbase is one of the easiest NoSQL databases to deploy, maintain, and scale out."

– Mohan Umapathy, Director of Software Development, Verizon

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"For our customers, the loss of $100 can mean the difference between a pleasant holiday and an experience filled with frustration and resentment. Couchbase has NEVER failed us or our customers."

– Dmitri Lihhatsov, Financial Crime Product Owner, Revolut

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"We no longer have to spend time and money developing all the backend technologies. With Couchbase, we can concentrate on delivering innovative user experiences that meet customers’ evolving needs."

– Krishna Kunam, CTO, GroundHog Apps

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"With Capella on AWS, we benefit from lower total cost of ownership and increased efficiency for our development team. The cost savings, ease of use and scalability of Capella on AWS allows us to perform frequent software releases so we can stay ahead of competitors while exceeding our customer expectations."

– Mike Orlando, CEO, Yapstone

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