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SWARM – Giving business users next-gen technology to optimize supply chains

SWARM Engineering provides a SaaS platform that lets organizations in the agri-food industry optimize their supply chains using next-gen cognitive computing. SWARM makes it easy for business users to define problems and rapidly find solutions without any software coding or knowledge of advanced AI or machine learning. Customers using SWARM save millions of dollars, minimize waste, and reduce their environmental impact.



faster planning


ROI for customers


savings per optimization


    • Consolidate data and minimize system configuration and maintenance
    • Enable customers to pivot their supply chains quickly to navigate unforeseen circumstances
    • Identify and capture institutional knowledge for customers so it’s not lost when employees leave


    • Couchbase enables quick SQL implementation, unlimited scalability, fast prototype development, and allows data scientists to access all data from one place
    • Customers achieve 400% faster planning time with an average ROI of 3-10x
    • An AI-powered digital assistant interviews users to capture tribal knowledge, constraints, and key interdependencies, and helps users identify and benchmark critical challenges
What Couchbase has done with SQL++ has been one of the most innovative things done in the database space in decades.

Bill House VP of Engineering, SWARM Engineering

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  • AI-powered digital assistant
  • Key-value store

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