Couchbase Server 7.0 Beta introduces scopes and collections that simplify mapping from RDBMS to Couchbase

Announcing Couchbase Server 6.6

Built on the most powerful NoSQL technology, Couchbase Server delivers unparalleled performance at scale, on premises and in any cloud. Couchbase Server 6.6 expands support for hybrid analytical and transactional applications with significant investment in the Analytics Service. These enhancements include the ability to create an independent analytics cluster that consolidates and processes data from multiple operational Couchbase clusters using Remote Links, and the ability to incorporate external data from AWS S3. This allows the Analytics Service to process and present real-time analytic results back to Couchbase-powered applications. We’ve also streamlined the developer experience with helpful tools to facilitate index construction and usage. The Index Advisor has been promoted from preview to production-ready, and the new Flex Index uses Search indexes in SQL/N1QL searches to improve application flexibility and reduce implementation complexity. Backups support AWS S3 and S3-compatible object stores, and there are improvements to Eventing, geospatial search, non-root installation, and more.

Key new features

Analytics Remote Links

“Remote Links” allow for the deployment of an independent Analytics cluster fed by one or more Couchbase data clusters to consolidate data for analysis. Remote links work across datacenters, too. This essentially transforms an Analytics cluster into a real-time NoSQL data mart.

Use external data in Analytics

“External Datasets” enable Analytics queries to incorporate data that resides in AWS S3 storage buckets, allowing users to combine data from both inside and outside their Couchbase cluster(s). Supported formats include JSON, CSV, and TSV.

Flex Index

“Flex Index” enables a single index to incorporate data from multiple fields of a document, allowing for a dramatic increase in performance across a range of SQL/N1QL queries. This is the first ever database implementation to exploit the flexibility of indexes based on full-text search for queries that are looking for multiple combinations of search criteria.

Index Advisor

“Index Advisor” is promoted as a supported feature, and is now available as an online tutorial.

Full-Text Search Enhancements

“Geospatial Search” can now be specified as polygons in addition to circles and rectangles. Each polygon is expressed as a series of latitude-longitude coordinates, with each pair determining the location of one corner of the polygon.

Eventing enhancements

Timer Constructs and OnDelete handler improvements allow customers to implement more use cases via the Eventing Service. New capabilities allow developers to cancel timers, set recurring timers, create future timers, and manage behavior when a document has been removed with the OnDelete handler.

Back up data to AWS S3

For enterprise architects and developers who want to leverage cloud-based object stores for their disaster recovery or archival use cases or build containerized applications, Couchbase’s support for object store provides the ability to directly backup to and restore from AWS S3 or any S3-compatible interface.

Import Data interface

For developers who want to quickly get their data into Couchbase for development, we offer import capability via Couchbase UI. This is in addition to the existing cbimport facility. While cbimport is a more robust solution, Import Data via UI is targeted for quick data ingestion for development or testing.

Non-root Installation

Most enterprise organizations have strict security regulations that do not allow an application to run as root access within their production environment. With Couchbase Server 6.6, we now standardize the non-root install and upgrade for rpm packages to match the root install and upgrade procedure. This will now allow customers to easily install, upgrade, and maintain Couchbase Server as non-root. This adds an extra layer of security and complies with the de facto standard in containerized environments.