Announcing Couchbase Server 6.0

Built on the most powerful NoSQL technology, Couchbase Server delivers unparalleled performance at scale, on premises and in any cloud. With Couchbase Server 6.0 we build on these capabilities by introducing our new Analytics service. As a central part of the release, Couchbase Server helps enterprise users reduce the time it takes to get valuable insights. 

Couchbase now supports hybrid operational and analytical processing (HOAP) workloads and allows NoSQL users to run ad hoc analytical queries leveraging a massively parallel processing (MPP) query engine without impacting application performance.

Key new features

Fast ingest

Couchbase document data is seamlessly made available to the Analytics engine and its data store. Within milliseconds, new documents and mutations are ready for analytical processing and the process continues automatically once configured to mirror a particular Couchbase bucket.


As with any Couchbase Server deployment, you make the decision on how you want to manage your schemas. With Analytics you can process JSON data in its natural form without the need for any transformation or schema design changes. No ETL processes are required to make Couchbase data available for analytic queries.

Ad hoc querying

Analytics helps business users to explore data in ways that would otherwise require index building and preparation. Not only is there minimal setup to allow you to begin querying but you now have the ability to do complex joins and aggregations in a performant manner on very large datasets.

Workload isolation

Run ad hoc queries without impacting application performance. Couchbase Analytics service can be run on its own nodes, using the multi-dimensional scaling capabilities of the Couchbase architecture, so there's no impact on other non-analytical processes. This provides a myriad of options for scaling up your requirements as needed and without affecting other services.

N1QL for analytics

SQL++ builds on the popularity and power of the SQL standard, used for querying schemaless, semi-structured, JSON data found in Couchbase. Couchbase 6.0 brings the first commercial implementation of the SQL++ language and uses it in the new Analytics service.

Event timers

The Couchbase Eventing service has been enhanced and now includes the ability to trigger routines at specific timestamps. Timers are constructs by which developers can specify logic routines that are to be triggered at a future time. By having them run directly in a Couchbase Service they’re close to your data and highly efficient.

Full-Text Search improvements

Full-Text Search indexing capabilities have been greatly improved. Indexing time has been cut in half and index space requirements are as much as 70% lower. These new indexing features are on by default and upgrading is as simple as recreating the index using the new 6.0 index type option.