Ending the Relational vs NoSQL Debate, Once and for All.

Announcing Couchbase Server 7.0

Couchbase Server 7.0 settles the debate over using relational vs. NoSQL databases for modern application development. Server 7 fuses the trusted strengths of relational databases with the flexibility, performance, and scale of Couchbase in the cloud.

Our Most Comprehensive Release Ever


Couchbase is the modern database for enterprise applications.


The 7.0 release adds new relational model support including SQL transactions, a dynamic data containment model with schema-like structure layers called scopes and collections, and impressive performance and operational improvements that simplify enterprise architectures while driving down costs of operations.


Couchbase Server 7 is designed for modern applications that need:


  • Trusted transactional functionality at distributed scale
  • Mapping, migration, and refactoring of relational data into flexible, NoSQL structures
  • Support for hyper-personalization with flexible data structures that match people to the perfect products or offers
  • Simplified architectures that support sophisticated, multimodel data access modes with:
    • Relational structures, SQL constructs, and transactions
    • JSON document flexibility
    • Key-value, in-memory processing speed
    • Low-latency indexing
    • Full-text and geolocation search
    • Data event streaming
    • Real-time, large-scale analytics
  • Support for developers’ choice of programming languages, interfaces, and cloud-native CI/CD delivery practices
  • Maximized resource utilization of memory, compute, storage, and data transfer to lower operating costs
  • Reliable mobile, edge, and IoT processing anywhere
  • Distributed, dependable scale across clouds, datacenters, and devices

Couchbase Server 7 ends the relational versus NoSQL debate: Modern applications can have it all.

Key new features


Expanded support for transactional workloads


Confidently include and execute business transactions within personal experience applications such as these transactional use cases:


  • Shopping cart assembly and purchases
  • Inventory control
  • Shipment confirmations
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Media streaming episode progress and bookmarking


Distributed SQL transactions added to the N1QL query language


  • Multi-document ACID transactions
  • Data integrity for operations when multiple concurrent activities occur
  • Couchbase SDK support for transactions


Dynamic data containment model


Scopes and collections


Scopes and collections are new data organization layers between Couchbase buckets and JSON documents that change the data modeling game.


  • Multi-layer structure maps easily to RDBMS schema models
  • Maintains JSON flexibility to add new structures on demand
  • Pervasive support across all services, including N1QL, role-based access control (RBAC), and high-availability clustering
  • Scope-level multi-tenant consolidation
  • Collection-level operations dramatically improve performance data, query, and index services
  • Improvements in replication, failover, and index build speeds


Benefits: Lift, shift, and refactor old applications into modern ones


The new scopes and collections dynamic data containment models simplify application modernization by removing the mystery of migrating from relational to non-relational database systems.


  • Develop rich customer 360 data models and flexible applications that drive personalization
  • Bolster distressed legacy RDBMS systems with high-performance caching and long-term refactoring and migration plan
  • Execute long-standing plans to modernize and migrate RDBMS-based applications to the cloud
  • Utilize our partnerships with systems integrators and Couchbase Professional Services


What's new in Couchbase data processing


Query Service


  • User-defined functions (UDFs) in N1QL and Analytics Service
  • Cost-based query optimizer replaces rules-based optimization
  • Memory quota assignments for queries
  • Index Advisor function promoted from developer preview


Index Service


  • Indexes defined at collection level with smaller, faster global secondary indexes
  • Parallel index building of up to 10,000 global secondary indexes
  • Auto-move indexes


Analytics Service


  • Analytics collections
  • User-defined functions
  • New roll-up and CUBE functions
  • Support for Python-based machine learning
  • New external dataset: Azure Blobs


Full-Text Search Service


  • Search within scopes, collections, and across multiple collections
  • New Quick Index


Eventing Service


  • Support for collections, improved performance and security


NEW! Backup Service


  • Full and incremental collection-level backups
  • Backup to AWS S3 or NFS Samba storage
  • Supported with GUI and command-line tools
  • Supports multi-dimensional scaling
  • Re-map and filter restorations


Operational performance improvements to lower TCO


  • Collection-level data access, partitioning, and index granularity makes all service operations faster and increases data density per node. Couchbase is tested to support linear scaling of indexes, transactions, rebalancing, and failover as cluster size grows.
  • Chronicle is a Raft-based consistency management library that supports strong consistency across cluster nodes for cluster metadata. Chronicle contributes to an impressive impact on performance:
    • Failover up to 4x faster
    • Data rebalancing reduced from hours to minutes
    • Reduced memory and CPU consumption
  • Scalable, Prometheus-based statistics for collections
  • Cloud-native Kubernetes-based autoscaling with Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.2


Customer benefits of Couchbase Server 7


  • Confidently executes business transactions within personal experience applications
  • Enables simplified application architectures and faster operational performance while expanding into highly transactional applications that drive the enterprise
  • Sets the new benchmark as a modern transactional database for multimodel data access modes, in-memory performance, relational portability, JSON flexibility, and distributed scale
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