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Vodafone - Streamlining personalized communications for all customers

Vodafone Spain serves over 14 million mobile customers and 3 million fixed-service customers, sending them thousands of emails, hundreds of thousands of push notifications, and millions of SMS messages over the course of a year. In order to eliminate unnecessary and redundant communications, Vodafone created a unified platform that manages all communications across all departments and personalizes the communication methods according to each customer’s preferences. Couchbase on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Vodafone Spain with the data security they require to be GDPR compliant and the flexibility to scale on demand.

About Vodafone


    • Required a unified platform to manage all customer communications
    • Needed scalability to accommodate additional communication methods without compromising performance
    • Business-critical applications require auto-failover if a node fails


    • Unified customer SMS, email, and push notifications onto one platform
    • XDCR facilitates easy scalability as users and data volume increase
    • Couchbase’s automatic failover raises a replica without losing data
    • Even at peak demand Couchbase does not exceed 10% of total capacity
Couchbase provides blazing speed thanks to its in-memory processing. Its scalability is easy to manage. And Couchbase’s auto-failover raises a replica without losing data if a node fails.

Yolanda Fernandez Product Owner, Project Dracarys, Vodafone Spain

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  • Cross datacenter replication
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