We provide a Community and Enterprise edition for our Couchbase product family. Learn more about the features available in Couchbase Mobile and Couchbase Server.

Enterprise edition

Enterprise Edition (EE) represents the latest, most stable, production-ready release. We take a snapshot of the open-source codebase, then put it through our rigorous release QA process and fix resulting bugs. Bug fixes and new features are eventually integrated with the Community Edition (CE), but this typically takes several months. In addition, Enterprise Edition contains some features that are not available in Community Edition. These are features limited to supporting enterprise customers with large production deployments running in data centers and / or public clouds. Enterprise Edition binaries are the ones recommended for commercial production systems. Our paid annual subscriptions for EE include a commercial license, technical support with service level commitments via our 24x7 support organization, as well as technical support and hot fixes for older releases. Check out Enterprise Edition for any evaluation that may eventually lead to a commercial production deployment.

Community edition

Community Edition (CE) is best for non-commercial developers, where taking some time to figure out or resolve issues doesn’t result in major problems. There are no constraints on using these binaries in production systems, but they have not been subjected to the iterative test, fix and verify QA cycle that is a part of the Enterprise Edition release process and do not include the latest bug fixes. Manuals, mailing lists and forums on Couchbase.com provide access to the Couchbase user community to help troubleshoot issues and answer questions.

Open source

Open Source: Couchbase is committed to open source development and the open source project will continue to serve as the foundation for both the community edition and the enterprise edition. Further, the open source project will continue to be a platform for innovation at Couchbase. Those features that are necessary to support a community with deployments of all sizes will continue to be in both the community edition and the open source project.