Couchbase Enterprise Edition versus Couchbase Community Edition

Which edition is right for me?

Compare the latest features available in the Couchbase Data Platform, Couchbase Server, and Couchbase Mobile

Couchbase Data Platform

Software updates and support Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Frequent releases with quality improvements
Worldwide 24x7 support
Patches and maintenance updates
Professional services

Couchbase Server

Data access
Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Key-value interface (read/write)
N1QL (SQL-based queries)
Real-time analytics
Full-Text Search (FTS)
Global Secondary Indexes (GSI)
MapReduce views
Tunable query consistency
Tunable durability
Development and administration tools Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Web-based UI
Graphical explain plan
Built-in query editor
Built-in schema browser
Query monitoring
Command line tools
Import and export tools
ANSI Joins support in N1QL
Couchbase Eventing ​​​​​​​
High availability and disaster recovery Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Intra-cluster replication
Automatic failover
Online rebalancing
Index replicas and swap rebalance
Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR)
XDCR filtering and throttling
XDCR timestamp-based conflict resolution
Rack/availability zone awareness
Standard backup and restore tools
High performance enterprise backup and restore tools
Full, incremental, and cumulative backups
Automatic failover of disk failures, multi-nodes and server group
Security Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
LDAP integration
Encrypted network access
x.509 CA certificates for TLS
x.509 CA certificates for data service authentication
N1QL request auditing
Log redactions
Client-side field-level encryption
IPv6 support
Performance and scaling Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Unlimited query concurrency
Memory-optimized indexes
Homogenous scaling (by node)
Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS)
Plasma – high performance storage engine for indexes
Fast failover
Ephemeral buckets

Ephemeral buckets with Query, Search, XDCR
Index pushdown
Index partitioning
N1QL aggregate pushdown
End-to-end compression (client to server and XDCR)
Adaptive indexes
Container management and orchestration Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes
Openshift integration

Couchbase Mobile

Data access
Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Support for iOS, Android, and .NET
Data integration APIs including REST, stream, batch, and event
N1QL queries
Full-Text Search (FTS)
Peer-to-peer synchronization
High availability and disaster recovery
Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Automatic conflict resolution
Device-side replicas
Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Pluggable user authentication in Couchbase Sync Gateway
Support for integrations with Basic Authentication, OIDC, or custom security
Fine-grained controls for role-based access control (RBAC) in Couchbase Sync Gateway
Data transport over TLS
On-device data encryption
Performance and scaling
Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Horizontal scaling with Couchbase Sync Gateway Accelerator
Sync via web-sockets

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