From SQL to NoSQL

Key considerations in moving from relational to NoSQL
Is your cloud database ruining your application?

Addressing cost, reliability, & performance challenges

CenterEdge replaced SQL Server to a Couchbase cluster in the cloud

CenterEdge is a leading provider of management solutions for the amusement, entertainment, and FEC industries. They began their migration to NoSQL in 2012, when their SQL Server system crashed on Black Friday. Today they are running all of their customer-facing applications on a multi-node Couchbase cluster that uses fewer servers, with complete reliability and better performance.

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See why Gannett switched from SQL Server to NoSQL with Couchbase

Gannett chose Couchbase to power the CMS that supports USA Today and 90+ other publications – reducing costs by 75%.

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Relational to NoSQL: Getting Started from SQL Server

Moving from Relational to NoSQL: How to Get Started

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Switching to NoSQL is easier than ever

For Developers
SQL standard query language

N1QL supports filtering, projection, aggregation, and more.

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Flexible JOINs

Query related data with left outer and inner joins, utilizing indexes on either side.

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ACID transactions

Execute multi-document ACID transactions when you need to.

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Powerful indexing

Create simple, compound, partial, functional, and covering indexes.

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Query editor

Execute ad hoc queries, display the results, view suggested indexes, and browse automatically inferred schemas.

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For Administrators
Query monitoring

List active queries, completed long-running queries, and prepared statements.

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Elastic scaling

With automatic replication and partitioning, add instances with the push of a button.

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Multiple data centers

Built-in, bidirectional replication between data centers or cloud zones.

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Enterprise security

Deploy in secure environments with encryption, LDAP, auditing, RBAC, and more.

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Disaster recovery

Perform high-performance, streaming backup/restore operations with confidence.

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Why do successful enterprises rely on NoSQL?