Synamedia - Delivering unmatched scalability and consistent 500 ms response times for IP video

Synamedia (formerly Cisco) is the largest global provider of video solutions for pay TV operators, enabling new and augmented video services to drive revenues, boldly reach new markets, and deliver exceptional subscriber experiences to consumers. To support its video platform technology, which enables broadcast, on-demand, and DVR video services, Synamedia needs high performance at scale to ensure it can accommodate over 100 billion user sessions per year. After assessing numerous NoSQL databases, including Cassandra and MongoDB™, the company chose Couchbase for very strong data consistency, reliable low latency of 500 microsecond response times at very large scale, and great scalability in a distributed system.


About Synamedia

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  • Session store
  • Caching
  • Endpoint/device mgmt.

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