Payment processing and big data integration at massive scale with Couchbase

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Customer application

  • User activity
  • Real-time analytics

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • Mobile wallet
  • Operational dashboarding


Key Features

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In 2013, PayPal, a global leader in online payments solutions, took on NoSQL for several use cases. They initially leveraged Couchbase for their Media Network Advertising pipeline and applied Couchbase to build cross-channel audience analytics in profiling, segmentation, identity mapping and more. By 2014, the company was managing over 1 billion documents and 10 terabytes of data with Couchbase. PayPal extended Couchbase use into analytics for user information, processing millions of updates a minute in conjunction with Kafka and Hadoop.

“As the operational data store, Couchbase is easily capable of processing tens of millions of updates a day, or more. Streaming through Kafka into Hadoop, these key events are turned into business insight and that’s why we are very excited about Couchbase.”

Anil Madan
Senior Director of Engineering, PayPal


  • Provide business users with real time reports and visualizations of user interaction data

  • Collect web and mobile clickstream in real time

  • Integrate with other big data technologies (Hadoop and Storm)

  • Provide views of data across multiple dimensions (e.g., time, location, browser and device types)


  • Generates views for business users in under 1 minute, based on 10-minute data collection intervals

  • Real time performance, easy integration with Storm and Hadoop

  • Ingests data from multiple inputs, including mobile, web, and other services

  • Processes millions of updates a minute