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Nuance - Creating personalized communication experiences for customers

Whenever you receive a personalized text, email, or phone call such as a flight update or fraud alert, those automated communications are likely powered by Nuance. As their service expanded, Nuance’s applications became more complex, data volume increased, and their Oracle-powered system became too cumbersome and expensive to manage and scale. Nuance decided to switch to a NoSQL database for greater agility and scalability, and they chose Couchbase for its easy manageability and cross datacenter replication.

About Nuance


    • Monolithic Oracle environment was expensive to scale and too inflexible for varied data types
    • Cassandra and MongoDB were hard to manage and lacked key features
    • Needed to operate in at least two separate datacenters and have disaster recovery capabilities between them


    • Multi-dimensional scaling delivers easy, cost-effective growth on commodity hardware
    • Cross datacenter replication provides simple bidirectional replication for better DR
    • Hadoop integration allows analysis of unstructured data
    • Flexible schema enables agile response to changing data needs
The Couchbase installation was infinitely easier for our developers to get up and running. It required almost no operational overhead.

Tom Coates Sr. Principal Architect, Nuance

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  • Omnichannel personalization

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  • N1QL
  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication
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