Jam City

Achieving Facebook game of the year and 50K ops per second


Customer application

  • Social/casual gaming
  • Purchases
  • Player data


Use case

  • User profile store


Key features

  • Multi-Dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication
  • In-memory database

Jam City logo white

Jam City is a leader in mobile entertainment, providing unique and deeply engaging games that appeal to broad global audiences. Its wildly popular puzzle game Cookie Jam won Facebook's Game of the Year after scaling to meet the demand of 5 million users globally in under 8 months. Jam City and Couchbase teamed up in preparation for the huge spike in social and mobile hits once Cookie Jam had begun gaining traction, successfully avoiding downtime with Couchbase performance at scale and flexibility in rebalance and failover through Cross datacenter replication. And the flexible JSON data model that Couchbase offers enabled Jam City to iterate without having to request and wait for schema changes. Today, Jam City leverages Couchbase for several of their most popular games, including Panda Pop and Juice Jam, among others.


  • Anticipate spikes in demand and adapt accordingly to avoid disruptions to players

  • Provide agile, flexible environment to rapidly bring new games to market and deliver content updates that keep players engaged

  • Support high availability regardless of growth


  • Scaled to meet the demand of 35 million users globally in under 8 months
  • Flexible JSON data model allows Jam City developers to define the data model and iterate without having to request and wait for schema changes
  • Flexible rebalance and failover help avoid downtime despite 37.5 million installs and 50K ops per second

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