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Doddle Adopts Couchbase to Fuel Digital Transformation in Retail

Couchbase Mobile slashes time-to-open of new stores from six weeks to 14 days

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., February 2, 2017: Couchbase, Inc., the leader in NoSQL database technology for Digital Businesses, today announced that Doddle, the click & collect experts, has adopted Couchbase to fuel its digital transformation and growth strategy. Thanks to Couchbase’s ability to seamlessly manage data on mobile devices, Parcelistas (store staff) at Doddle stores can now serve customers on mobile devices whether online or offline, no longer requiring a high-bandwidth fiber or 4G connection. In addition, Doddle can get new stores up and running much more quickly, reducing  time-to-open from six weeks to 14 days or less.

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“The success of our business depends on providing customers with a great experience, every time, and the database plays a pivotal role in this,” said Gary O’Connor, CTO, Doddle. “With plans to grow our store presence tenfold in 2017, transitioning to Couchbase is very strategic for us. We can now open new, smaller-format storefronts faster and maximize the ROI of each new location, without needing the continuous, high-speed connection to a central server that our previous system required. This ensures our teams can continue to serve customers online and offline, providing a more consistent customer experience.”

Doddle’s Couchbase deployment allows Parcelistas to process information such as parcel status, customer details and specific instructions for delivery or return of parcels back to retailers. The move to Couchbase’s mobile technology increases the flexibility of Doddle’s store teams, and by eliminating the need for bulky fixed equipment and connections, Couchbase is supporting Doddle’s ambitious growth plans to open in new retail formats in 2017.

“Doddle has fundamentally disrupted parcel delivery by making it fast, easy and frictionless for people to pick up their online orders and overcome the hassles and growing problem of missed deliveries,” said Bob Wiederhold, president and CEO of Couchbase. “With a mobile and offline-first strategy, Doddle has been able to further transform its operations, ensuring the company continues to delight and surprise customers with amazing service. Couchbase is excited to help Doddle scale operations and fuel the next phase of their  growth.”

Founded in 2014, Doddle makes it easy for consumers to collect and return online shopping from its stores in convenient locations around the UK, which are open early until late. Consumers can chose to make Doddle their delivery address with more than 100 retailers including Amazon and Asos.

Doddle is also expanding to the United States, where 73 percent of consumers express interest in picking up online orders in-store. Its new Powered by Doddle offering, which includes the Couchbase data platform, provides a comprehensive click & collect solution that includes all the software, training, communications and analytics modules U.S. retailers need to grow their click & collect business and associated revenue.

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