About Doddle and Couchbase

Doddle makes it easier to shop online by providing online customers from any retailer with convenient places like train stations, universities, and stores to pick up or return their packages. Doddle’s original database solution was expensive and hard to deploy – but even worse was the fact that Doddle struggled to provide quality network connections into their 80+ locations in the U.K. Doddle decided to go mobile for more reliable service, but even then access was spotty at peak business times when customers saturated the network with their mobile devices. Couchbase Mobile was the perfect solution because it was more affordable, easier to deploy, and its embedded database (Couchbase Lite) stores data locally, which keeps Doddle’s apps working for their customers and employees even when they go offline. The channels feature in Sync Gateway also allows Doddle to easily regulate what data individual employees can access, which gives them great flexibility to move employees and their mobile devices from store to store. The company started developing on Couchbase in April of 2016, went live in less than three months, and plans on rolling out hundreds of new stores on Couchbase in 2017.

About Doddle

Doddle is the easy way to send and receive parcels. Our service is built around you and your busy lifestyle and our 66 stores in super convenient locations are open early until late, seven days a week so we fit in with your schedule rather than disrupt it. Your time is precious, so don’t waste it queuing to send and receive parcels or waiting in for the delivery man when Doddle’s dedicated Parcelistas will ensure you are in and out of our stores in two minutes.