About Cisco and Couchbase

One of Cisco’s many industry solutions is VSRM (a video session and resource manager application), which cable companies use to enable their broadcast, on-demand, and DVR video services. Cisco’s VSRM platform supports 100+ billion user sessions per year for cable companies all around the world. The VSRM product was always very successful, but over time it became increasingly complex to scale, and customers also struggled with the failure rates of their legacy hardware. Cisco decided it was time to move the VSRM platform to NoSQL in the cloud to achieve the scalability it needed and the efficiency, reliability, and performance its customers demanded. After assessing numerous databases, including Cassandra and MongoDB, Cisco chose Couchbase for three primary reasons: It provides very strong data consistency that is comparable to a standalone system. It delivers reliable low latency, with consistent 500 microsecond response times at very large scale. And it provides great scalability in a distributed system. Cisco was also pleased to discover that Couchbase is “like a Swiss army knife,” for its clusters, giving the company a single tool to easily manage and maintain many aspects of its database.

About Cisco

Cisco designs and sells broad lines of products, provides services, and delivers integrated solutions to develop and connect networks around the world. For over 30 years, we have helped our customers build networks and automate, orchestrate, integrate, and digitize IT-based products and services. In an increasingly connected world, Cisco is helping to transform businesses, governments, and cities worldwide.