Going on a holiday is always an exciting experience, full of anticipation and the promise of new adventures. But what many of us may not realize is how seamlessly advanced technologies, powered by Couchbase, are woven into our journey, elevating our experiences and making them truly memorable. From the moment we start our trip, whether we’re on a plane, in a car, or at sea, Couchbase’s advanced NoSQL technology supports our travel and entertainment plans, delivering high-performance, scalable services across multiple industries. Follow along with my busy, albeit fictional, European holiday that highlights Couchbase in the wild.

Planning the Trip

Planning my trip began with using travel software built on services from Amadeus, which leverages Couchbase technology to support airlines and other travel industries. Amadeus manages a massive workload of travel bookings daily, handling over 1.8 billion passengers a year. Couchbase’s high-performance clusters and cross datacenter replication (XDCR) ensured consistent, up-to-date data for my bookings and schedules.

Amadeus faced challenges with the need for high availability and fast processing of large-scale data across multiple data centers, as any downtime or inaccuracies could cause major disruptions in travel plans. However, Couchbase’s end-to-end solutions provided Amadeus with high availability and resiliency, supporting the cloud deployments necessary to keep their operations smooth and efficient.


Navigating the Road

My holiday started off right with a smooth drive to the airport, thanks to the navigation app powered by Couchbase’s advanced NoSQL technology. The app provided real-time traffic updates and information to keep me safe and informed on my trip. With Couchbase’s scalable, cloud-ready and mobile-integrated platform, Coyote’s service supported 5 million users and managed a staggering 13 million alerts per day while handling 500 million documents. This meant I was able to navigate confidently and avoid traffic, arriving at the airport on time.

Coyote faced challenges such as needing a single end-to-end platform to streamline solution development and ensuring seamless performance for drivers, even in areas with limited internet connectivity. Couchbase’s technology addressed these challenges by offering scalable real-time performance and an end-to-end cloud-ready solution. The results were transformative, with rapid adoption by 35% of its members within three months. Data synchronization to AWS servers decreased from hours to minutes, streamlining operations and ensuring reliable service for drivers.


In-Flight Experience

Upon arriving at the airport, I boarded my United Airlines flight and was immediately struck by the smooth operation and efficiency of the crew. Thanks to the advanced crew scheduling system powered by Couchbase, United Airlines had streamlined their processes. With over 41,000 pilots, flight attendants, and schedulers, the airline operates more than 1.5 million flights annually.

United Airlines had faced challenges with outdated software that could cause significant delays and data inaccuracies. However, with Couchbase, the airline could support its highly mobile workforce, prevent data loss and system outages, and provide up-to-date data worldwide for crew scheduling and booking. Operating across AWS and Azure clouds gave United Airlines the flexibility and adaptability needed for seamless performance. Cloud-native Couchbase was easy to deploy and manage, providing the high performance and scalability required to maintain United’s rigorous flight schedules.


Ocean Adventures

Once I reached my destination, I boarded my Carnival cruise and was immediately immersed in a personalized experience. The OceanMedallion system, supported by Couchbase’s NoSQL technology, combined wearable IoT medallions, a mobile app, and IoT sensors throughout the vessel. This allowed me to effortlessly access my cabin and receive customized dining and activity recommendations based on my preferences.

Despite slow and unreliable network connectivity at sea, Couchbase’s solutions provided 100% uptime for ship operations, ensuring seamless performance and real-time responsiveness. Guest profiles and preference data were securely stored for future voyages, offering consistent and personalized experiences for repeat guests. This efficient management of vast amounts of personalized data enhanced my cruise experience, making my vacation truly unforgettable.


Retail Reliability

After my cruise, I needed to stock up on supplies, so I made a trip to Tesco, the world’s third-largest retailer, and experienced a seamless shopping experience powered by Couchbase’s NoSQL technology. With 10 million products supported and 35,000 requests per second, Tesco’s past challenges with relational databases and data sharing were a thing of the past.

Couchbase’s technology enabled Tesco to handle large data volumes and support multiple data structures, particularly during peak times like Black Friday, ensuring smooth and speedy shopping experiences. Low-latency access to millions of documents enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. JSON’s flexible schema allowed Tesco to accommodate changing SKUs, streamlining operations and providing an exceptional shopping experience.

Gaming and Betting Fun

Finally, back at home, relaxing, I decided to enjoy some downtime with Flutter Entertainment’s online gaming and sports betting platform. Couchbase’s high-performance architecture supported Flutter’s platform, processing thousands of events every few minutes for millions of customers. The seamless integration of real-time data allowed for fast-paced betting and gaming experiences without interruptions. I was impressed by the platform’s reliability and responsiveness, handling over 500,000 events in three minutes for 7 million active customers, and over 1 million replication transactions per second. This advanced use of NoSQL technology showcased the future of entertainment and how companies could offer tailored experiences to customers worldwide.


As you can see, Couchbase is everywhere.

Throughout my holiday, Couchbase’s cutting-edge technology played a crucial role in enhancing my experience across different stages of the journey. Whether it was through real-time data management on my United Airlines flight, seamless navigation using a community-based app similar to Coyote, or the personalized services provided by Carnival’s OceanMedallion system, Couchbase’s NoSQL technology consistently offered high-performance and adaptability. Even during my shopping trip at Tesco or while engaging with Flutter Entertainment’s gaming and betting platform, Couchbase’s powerful database solutions ensured smooth and efficient interactions. 

While often hidden from view, Couchbase’s presence in mobile edge use, web apps, and retail services underscored the impact of modern technology on everyday experiences, making my holiday both memorable and hassle-free. Get started with Couchbase today by taking advantage of the free trial for Couchbase Capella, our Database-as-a-Service.

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