Catalogs are not only referenced by web and mobile applications, they enable point-of-sale terminals, self-service kiosks, and more. In addition to product and service catalogs, there are reference catalogs for financial assets, employee data, digital media, and more. Catalogs may often contain user-generated content such as images, reviews, ratings, and comments. Whereas relational databases, with their rigid data models and scale-up architectures, struggle to handle the dynamic variety and volume of semi- and unstructured data that catalogs must support, Couchbase Server provides a flexible, scalable catalog solution.

What's hard for a relational database... ...is easy for Couchbase Server.

Store large volumes of different data types and attributes: Due to their rigid schemas, relational databases cannot easily accommodate semi- and unstructured data

Couchbase Server’s document-oriented, JSON-based data model easily accommodates any kind of data

Manage numerous, rapid updates: Relational databases struggle to meet the high throughput required for catalog applications

Thanks to its memory-centric architecture Couchbase Server delivers the high throughput to support catalog applications

Deliver fast response for great customer experiences: Relational databases can’t deliver the submillisecond latency need to access and serve catalog data in real time

With its integrated cache, Couchbase Server delivers the low latency, submillisecond responsiveness required for a real time user experience


Customer Spotlight

Mega-retailer Tesco powers product catalogs and more with Couchbase Server

Tesco, the world’s largest Europe-based retailer, is adopting Couchbase Server for multiple use cases, including a centralized service for storing and managing data for millions of products, which can be leveraged across the company. Tesco is migrating to Couchbase’s distributed NoSQL platform in order to provide the flexibility to accommodate a diverse range of fast-changing data, as well as the performance, availability, and scalability to support massive numbers of users, large amounts of data, and very high throughput requirements. As Tesco’s requirements grow, Couchbase Server provides easy, push button scalability, allowing the retailer to simply add nodes on demand.


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