Power catalog and inventory management

Deliver a responsive and reliable catalog and inventory solution

Businesses with large and dynamically changing portfolios require an agile and flexible data infrastructure that allows them to deliver a responsive customer experience, relevant product content, and a reliable real-time view of inventory and availability so they can drive customers’ interactions to real transactions. The Couchbase Data Platform combines product and inventory information in real time, scales easily to millions of products and requests per second, delivers low-latency access with eventual consistency design, and enables content authors to easily present  the right data at the right time – all to deliver a superior customer experience.


Database sprawl


A multitude of information systems supporting evolving commerce operations, oftentimes compounded by the needs of different business units, acquisitions, and/or partners, have led to an explosion of databases housing product content and real-time available-to-promise (ATP) inventory information.

With Couchbase:

Manage product data with one platform


Eliminate database sprawl with one single platform that spans web, mobile, and IoT applications. The Couchbase Data Platform manages and delivers your product and inventory data where it matters most – across all the interactions of your customer engagements.

Product Complexity

While dynamic organizations frequently introduce new products, update product content, and vary product presentations in their catalogs, backend technologies struggle to provide the agility and flexibility needed to store and manage this changing data.

With Couchbase:
Reduce time to market for new products or customer journeys


Couchbase’s flexible schema supports fast-changing images, SKUs, UUIDs, inventory, attributes, features, and product hierarchies, allowing you to get new products to market faster and into your customers’ hands.


Data Availability

When delivering product information to a customer, it’s critical to show the right data at the right time. If someone tries to buy a product or book a reservation that’s no longer available, you’ve just created a poor user experience – and maybe even lost a customer for life. Customers also expect your catalogs to be accessible from mobile devices, even if they drop their internet connection.

With Couchbase:
Deliver always-available product and inventory information

Combine product content and ATP inventory information at the point of customer engagement, reducing time to insight and powering enterprise-grade catalogs that deliver a responsive customer experience, accurate product content, and reliable real-time views of inventory and availability. Plus, easily scale to millions of products and thousands of requests per second, all while maintaining fast user access to product information, so you can meet user demand at any point in time.

Industry Use Cases


Optimized shopping experiences by dynamically changing product and pricing portfolios, the shopping cart, recommendations, and media/content catalog data.


Build robust manufacturing/logistics applications with services like inventory management, product catalog, and more.

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Travel & Hospitality

Power the shopping cart, inventory/price engine, recommendation engine, reservation data, and content catalog.

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catalog & inventory management

Financial Services

Manage up-to-date financial portfolio data, product and pricing engines, financial advisor recommendations, insurance portals, and more.

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catalog & inventory management

Media & Entertainment

Power media/content catalogs and product/pricing engines to deliver catalog and inventory management solutions.

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Reference Architecture



Sample Catalog & Inventory Management reference architecture that includes product/pricing services, media/content catalog, a recommendation engine, and more – all built on the Couchbase Data Platform.




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