Announcing Couchbase Mobile 2.8

In 2.8 we’ve bolstered our sync technology for decentralized and distributed cloud deployments. On the Sync Gateway, we’ve introduced support for enterprise-grade inter-Sync Gateway replication technology (aka “SG-Replicate”) that offers resilient, secure, scalable bidirectional synchronization of data between cloud data centers and between the cloud and edge data centers. On Couchbase Lite we’ve introduced out-of-the-box support for peer-to-peer data sync in IP-based networks, which enables clients to directly collaborate with each other without the need for a centralized control point.

As a leading NoSQL database platform, Couchbase securely syncs data from any cloud to the edge where you can store, query, search, and analyze your data in the cloud or at the edge, irrespective of internet connectivity and speed. Couchbase is always available, always fast.

Key new features

Inter-Sync Gateway replication

For business-critical applications where near-real-time response and guaranteed high availability is required, a distributed cloud solution with micro data centers at the edge can be implemented leveraging the inter-Sync Gateway replication protocol. The protocol offers a number of capabilities essential for business-critical apps, such as fine-grained access control, delta sync to reduce data transfer cost, built-in enhanced conflict resolution support, built-in HA, load balancing of replications for efficient utilization, and more.

OIDC support enhancements

Sync Gateway supports a new version of OIDC library that includes broader support to OIDC authentication providers for token-based user authentication.

Prometheus monitoring support (Developer Preview)

Prometheus is an open source systems monitoring and alerting solution that is quickly becoming the de facto monitoring platform of choice, especially in cloud-native deployments. This release of the Sync Gateway introduces a dedicated metrics endpoint that supports stats reporting in a format that is compliant with Prometheus. The new built-in metrics interface facilitates monitoring of Sync Gateway instances by enabling seamless integration with Prometheus servers.

Peer-to-peer sync with Couchbase Lite

For offline-first applications that require direct collaboration between edge devices, the Couchbase Lite peer-to-peer sync solution offers secure storage and bidirectional synchronization of data between the devices without a centralized cloud-based control point. The release offers an out-of-the-box solution for peer-to-peer sync that makes it extremely easy for developers to implement secure data sync in IP networks with just a few lines of code. It also supports numerous enterprise-grade features, including delta sync, automatic conflict resolution, network resiliency, and more.

Couchbase Lite API enhancements

The Couchbase Lite API continues to evolve, making it simpler for users to build compelling user experiences and workflows within their local embedded apps. This release includes support for an API that allows apps to track documents that are pending push. The database delete and close APIs have also been enhanced to take care of cleaning up open replicators, listeners, live queries, etc., making implementation of log-out workflows easier.