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Quantic Selects Couchbase Capella to Scale Point of Sale Platform, Delivering an Improved Developer Experience and Offline Capabilities

Quantic Selects Couchbase Capella to Scale Point of Sale Platform, Delivering an Improved Developer Experience and Offline Capabilities

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – March 29, 2023 – Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE), the cloud database platform company, today announced that Quantic, a cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform company, selected Couchbase Capella™ Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) on AWS to help manage and scale the company’s growing workloads. With Capella powering its modern applications, Quantic is prepared for future business growth to deliver seamless, reliable experiences to customers.

“As our customer portfolio expanded, we quickly realized that the database we had in place before Couchbase wasn’t getting the job done. It couldn’t scale at the enterprise level and managing all of our clusters placed a huge strain on developers,” said Vigyan Kaushik, co-founder and CEO of Quantic. “Building a database in-house to support our needs was out of the question because of the required costs, time and talent. After spending time with Capella, it was easy to nail it down as our primary solution. With Capella’s impressive price performance and unique edge capabilities, our customers’ applications are able to remain synced, even during internet outages, while also providing developer teams with greater agility.”

Quantic offers a POS Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and a variety of processor-agnostic software solutions for white-label partnerships across many industries including hospitality, retail, financial services and more. Customers receive an omnichannel experience, connecting front and back ends, without binding contracts or hidden fees. Quantic’s applications are built into multiple clusters and servers based on customer locations, ensuring a high level of reliability and availability.

Quantic’s applications began to scale faster than its previous NoSQL database was capable of handling, leading to a siloed platform and making it difficult to innovate. Plus, it encountered challenges that led to uptime issues, which hindered the user experience for its customers and their end users. Quantic needed a new cloud database platform that was capable of keeping up with its growing customer base and incremental product enhancements.

After a competitive evaluation, Quantic selected Capella on AWS for increased performance, superior scalability, developer familiarity and ease of use. With Capella as the database powering its modern applications, Quantic’s development team has benefited from increased productivity and greater agility to keep innovating for its customers, while also experiencing an immediate, significant impact on indexing and developer workloads.

“Quantic is modernizing the POS industry. This requires evolving smart devices to be capable of doing far more than current aging POS systems and connecting that to a backend, which provides real-time data for an engaging customer experience,” said Ravi Mayuram, CTO, Couchbase. “Capella provides the performance, scale and flexibility of a modern database to develop services quickly in the cloud. Coupling that with the offline sync and our embedded edge database in POS smart devices, Quantic can now deliver new solutions customized to the verticals they serve.”

Most of Quantic’s customers rely on real-time data, and with Capella at its core, Quantic’s platform is able to reliably run applications to provide instant updates and a seamless end-user experience. Capella also helps Quantic achieve its mission to empower developers with a tool set that allows them to innovate quickly through its ability to scale and manage the company’s growing workloads.

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About Quantic

Quantic is a cloud-based point of sale platform company that brings custom and intelligent data-driven solutions to help business owners streamline their sales operations. The platform provides options to sell in brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, self-ordering, or kiosk environments for restaurant and retail verticals. Headquartered in West Chester, PA, Quantic has international offices in the United Kingdom and Canada.


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