Soracom & Couchbase

Soracom is a global IoT platform with a cloud-native multicarrier cellular network, connecting smart devices to the cloud with reliable 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE connectivity and unique IoT SIM and eSIM solutions. When combined with Couchbase, Soracom's platform services provide customers with powerful tools for data and protocol management, cloud integration, and private IoT networking.

Cellular data for IoT applications

Using Soracom for cellular IoT deployments ensures reliable and seamless data transmission when leveraging Couchbase's offline-first capabilities. This connectivity is essential for IoT applications that require constant data syncing with a Couchbase database. Furthermore, Soracom's platform services facilitate efficient data and protocol management, enabling smooth integration with Couchbase's distributed database system. This integration is key for applications demanding real-time data access and analytics, enhancing overall system performance and user experience.

"By partnering with Couchbase we make it easier for customers to capture, store, and analyze IoT data from edge devices, including highly constrained, low-power microsensors. With Couchbase’s offline-first model, users can sync data from devices even in locations with intermittent network connectivity."

Kenta Yasukawa

Global Senior Director, Software Partners, Red Hat