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Quest & Couchbase

As organizations continue to maximize the benefits of digital transformation, more and more are migrating from legacy RDBMS to NoSQL to make their modern applications more flexible, scalable, and affordable. Many choose Couchbase’s multi-model database for its unmatched in-memory speed, SQL familiarity, and JSON flexibility. erwin Data Modeler by Quest is an award-winning data modeling tool that supports native integration of Couchbase for both legacy RDBMS migrations and new enterprise applications.

Modernize with Quest and Couchbase

To optimize your organization’s digital transformation, your application development process requires a strong commitment to data modeling and governance. Couchbase delivers the ideal development platform via a single database that fuses together the greatest strengths of relational and NoSQL. Quest’s erwin platform layers in a powerful “enterprise data governance experience” that unlocks data as a strategic asset to extract full value from your apps. It enables enterprise stakeholders to discover, understand, govern, and socialize data to mitigate risk, improve organizational performance, and accelerate growth.

erwin Data Modeler by Quest provides flexible data modeling and visualization capabilities that increase your productivity in order to meet real-time application development demands, support legacy RDBMS modernization, and navigate requirements for standards and compliance.

"Couchbase is at the forefront of digital transformation and data democratization. With Quest, customers can accelerate migration to Couchbase and leverage leading enterprise data modeling and governance capabilities for all enterprise data assets.”

Heath Thompson

President & General Manager - Quest Information Systems Management