Generating new insights into brain injury

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Customer application

  • VR-based concussion assessment


Use case

  • User profile store
  • Offline access


Cloud provider

  • AWS

Key features

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SyncThink develops innovative technologies that improve concussion assessment and monitoring on the sports field or anywhere else. Using a virtual reality headset and a tablet, their EYE-SYNC platform can identify eye tracking impairment at the scene of an injury. The company requires a data platform that works even if there’s spotty connectivity, plus enterprise security to meet rigorous patient privacy regulations such as HIPAA. After evaluating a range of other data platforms, SyncThink selected Couchbase for its mature, robust, and mobile-ready platform.


“The Couchbase sync capabilities are very impressive. Teams can test multiple players simultaneously, then sync a large amount of data seamlessly.”

Daniel Beeler
Chief Technology Officer, SyncThink


  • Needed a robust, mature platform ready to support cloud and mobile integration
  • Offline and seamless sync for environments with limited connectivity
  • Security ready to meet HIPAA standards


  • Couchbase on Microsoft Azure provides easily scalable performance for mobile applications
  • Fast, automatic sync speeds up concussion assessments after injury
  • Built-in enterprise security supports HIPAA compliance
  • Easy admin keeps dev team focused on product