About Staples


    • Provide customers with consistent, accurate inventory availability and order delivery information across the direct and indirect sales channels
    • Deliver a responsive customer experience by presenting results on all ordering channels with low latency, low SLA violation, and high throughput
    • Build an enterprise-grade visibility service that serves as a single source of truth for inventory availability and order delivery promise


    • Provided customers with real-time visibility into product availability and delivery estimates, consistent and accurate across all ordering channels
    • Increased customer retention, acquisition, and traffic by creating convenient and frictionless omnichannel experiences
    • Set the path for expanding a similar customer experience to the ordering channels of other business units of Staples, Inc.
With Couchbase we can rapidly retrieve data, enabling us to provide the most up-to-date information to our customers.

Pavan Kumar Manager, Software Engineering & Architecture, Staples, Inc.

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