FICO - Supporting the world’s #1 fraud detection platform

Powered by Couchbase, FICO’s fraud detection platform is #1 in the world and scores 65% of the world’s credit/debit cards. Downtime means fraud and lost revenue for the company, so when FICO was chosen to provide credit checks, fraud screening, and targeted offers for new telecommunications customers both in-store and online, it needed a NoSQL database that could deliver high availability alongside high transactional volume. Couchbase was chosen over Cassandra and MongoDB™ for speed, scalability, availability, and persistence to support large XML objects.


About Fico

<1 ms

response times with Couchbase's memory-first architecture


application uptime delivered by a complete HA/DR solution

We looked at Couchbase, we looked at Cassandra, we looked at Mongo. We found that the replication technology across data centers for Couchbase was superior, especially for the large workloads.

Claus Moldt CIO, FICO, Couchbase

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