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UPS, Tesco, and Infosys Among Winners of Inaugural Couchbase Community Awards and 2020 Couchbase Partner Awards

Awards Recognize Innovation for Enterprise-Critical Applications and Success in Digital Modernization Strategies

COUCHBASE CONNECT.ONLINE–October 15th, 2020-Couchbase, the creator of the enterprise-class, multicloud to edge NoSQL database, today announced the winners of the first ever Couchbase Community Awards, alongside those of the 2020 Couchbase Partner Awards. Guest judges for the Couchbase Community Awards included Carl Olofson, Research Vice President at IDC, and Jon Reed, Co-Founder of Diginomica. 

Introduced as part of Couchbase’s Connect.ONLINE event, the Couchbase Community Awards recognize organizations’ work in accelerating the modernization of legacy databases and enabling innovation for enterprise-critical applications. Awarded separately for the Americas and EMEA, these first awards honored nine Couchbase customers across retail, logistics, healthcare, travel, fashion and product development. 

At the same time, the Couchbase Partner Awards recognized Red Hat, Infosys and Gluu. Open to Couchbase’s network of more than 300 partners, the awards recognize our partners’ work in bringing differentiation and innovation to customers, and leading them to successful outcomes as they pursue their digital modernization strategies.

Couchbase Community Awards Winners:

Advanced NoSQL architectures: 

  • Americas winners: Staples/UPS

    • Staples adopted Couchbase enterprise-wide to support its customer-centric digital transformation journey: substantially improving the experience it offers, while increasing customer retention

    • UPS used Couchbase to overhaul its package visibility platform: meeting sub-millisecond response time requirements for key-value operations, managing more than 8 billion documents, and handling up to 460 million tracking requests with zero downtime  

  • EMEA winner: Tesco

    • Using Couchbase to help customers through the worst of COVID-19-induced shortages, Tesco transformed its application architecture for faster delivery to customers while prioritizing delivery slots for the most vulnerable

Cloud computing:

  • Americas winner: Facet Digital

    • Facet Digital used Couchbase Cloud to overhaul its legacy DBaaS platform, reducing TCO by 50 percent while increasing query performance by as much as 2,000 percent

  • EMEA winner: Carrefour Spain

    • With Couchbase Cloud, Carrefour Spain implemented a cloud-first architecture using microservices and multi-dimensional scaling to ensure zero downtime, even at peak times

Community Architecture and Innovation:

  • Americas winner: Backpack EMR

    • Used Couchbase to digitize a primarily paper-based healthcare delivery process, improving the patient experience and saving non-profit medical providers 20% compared with using paper charts

  • EMEA winner: Prewave

    • Used Couchbase to create a live ‘disruption map’, identifying potential supply chain disruptions in light of COVID-19. Prewave reduced data loads from minutes to seconds, and went from proof of concept to production in just two months

Innovating at the Edge:

  • Americas winner: Carnival Corporation

    • Used Couchbase to support its OCEAN Medallion offering, connecting each guest with a floating smart city – containing 7000 sensors, 4000 digital displays, 2,000+ crew sensors, and 1000s of guest sensors – across their entire guest experience 

  • EMEA winner: PVH

    • PVH brand Tommy Hilfiger used Couchbase to revolutionize its buying process, creating a ‘virtual showroom’ that helps cut time to market for new collections, and reduces sample production by 80%

Couchbase Partner Awards winners:

Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the Year: Gluu

  • Gluu has demonstrated Couchbase’s value as a modern, scalable, high performance NoSQL data platform. While some commercial systems can handle millions of logins a day, Gluu has used Kubernetes autoscaling, advanced cloud native technologies and Couchbase to perform over a billion authentications a day – transforming what is possible in the cloud

Cloud and Technology Ecosystem Partner of the Year: Red Hat

  • In 2020, Red Hat extended Couchbase’s supported deployment platforms to multi- and hybrid cloud environments. This year’s release of Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.0 certified for Red Hat OpenShift raised the bar, providing an advanced Kubernetes Operator with a ‘level 5’ capability rating.

System Integrator Partner of the Year: Infosys

  • The Couchbase/Infosys partnership has continued to expand over the past year, with customer successes across industries including Telco and Media, Consumer/Retail/Logistics, and Utilities/Resources/Energy. New go to market solutions included the Infosys Health Insights Platform, which leverages Couchbase as the “golden record” for ‘patient 360’ data and makes advanced use of Couchbase Analytics capabilities to enable Machine Learning and AI applications. 

“Companies around the world have faced multiple challenges during 2020, from adopting new ways of working almost overnight, to adapting to rapidly changing markets and new business opportunities. Our Couchbase Community Award winners have all demonstrated the ability to use data to transform their businesses, creating new services and solutions that are revolutionizing their industries. Our community –our end-users and partners alike — continue to inspire us with the opportunities they uncover, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they achieve in 2021 and beyond.”
–Matt Cain, President and CEO, Couchbase

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