About Betfair and Couchbase

Betfair, one of the world’s largest international online sports betting providers, uses transactional data and operational monitoring in a smattering of applications that serve over 30,000 markets. Historically, their applications have run on Oracle, which they felt was reliable and well known, but had a few issues including impedance mismatch with object-oriented languages and scaling, among others. The company turned to NoSQL for its scalability, fast lookups, integration with continuous delivery, and ultimately, reduced time to delivery. Teams throughout the company began using a multitude of different NoSQL databases including MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, CouchDB, Redis, and Memcached. In 2013, the company began to question whether the NoSQL solutions they had chosen were the optimal fit for the applications they were being deployed for. They started their investigation by evaluating all NoSQL solutions, adding Couchbase into the mix, and discovered that Cassandra was one of the solutions that was not a good fit for their use case. Couchbase replaced Cassandra in this instance and in their Memcached instance because Couchbase was fast, deterministic, avoided cold cache, and was considered a far better option than their current solution. Couchbase is now Betfair’s strategic document NoSQL solution and processes 30,000 bets per minute, across 140 countries from more than 4 million funded user accounts.

About Betfair

Betfair is one of the world’s largest international online sports betting providers and pioneered the betting exchange in 2000. Driven by cutting-edge technology, Betfair enables customers to bet at odds sought by themselves or offered by other customers. The company now processes over seven million transactions a day from its four million registered customers around the world. In addition to sports betting, Betfair offers a portfolio of innovative products including casino, exchange games and poker.


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Betfair + Couchbase

Betfair + Couchbase

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