All-in on Couchbase for easy-to-manage performance and scalability


Customer application

  • Online betting

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • Shopping cart
  • Session store
  • User profile database
  • Entitlement management


Key Features

  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication

Betfair logo white

As one of the world’s largest online sports betting providers, Betfair uses numerous applications to serve over 4 million funded accounts across 140 countries. To eliminate unnecessary complexity, the company moved many of their applications from Oracle to NoSQL databases. When Cassandra and Memcached didn’t live up to their expectations, Betfair switched to Couchbase for the scalability, high performance, easy integration, and continuous delivery they needed to process over 30,000 bets per minute.

“Couchbase Server is designed for massively concurrent data use and consistently high throughput. It provides consistent sub-millisecond response times which help ensure an enjoyable experience for application users.”

Alexandru Objelean
Senior Software Engineer, Betfair


  • Oracle was difficult and expensive to adapt for object-oriented languages, scalability, and continuous deliverability
  • Betfair was using numerous NoSQL solutions that weren’t optimal for their use cases
  • Had to process volatile data sets for real-time betting for millions of users


  • Easy-to-use database for developers and operations, plus the ideal infrastructure for virtualization and cloud

  • Improved performance, flexibility, and scalability of NoSQL deployments

  • Betfair processes over 30,000 bets per minute across 140 countries for more than 4 million accounts