Delivering personalized healthcare in real time with IoT

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Customer application

  • On-demand care
  • Health activity logging

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • User profile
  • Endpoint data management


Cloud provider

  • Microsoft Azure

Key Features

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A major obstacle to optimized treatment of Type 2 diabetes is the lack of data. BD’s innovative solution is a mobile patient app and clinician portal built on Couchbase and Couchbase Mobile. The solution connects medical devices with a mobile app to automatically log real-time data on patients and give them custom alerts and recommendations. Doctors also use the data to determine the best course of treatment. Couchbase enables the app to work offline and securely syncs patient data from device to cloud.

“We’re using the whole Couchbase stack for mobile – Couchbase Lite on the phone, Sync Gateway in the middle, and the Couchbase cluster backing Sync Gateway.”

Dylan Wilson
Associate Director, Software Engineering, BD


  • Collect massive amounts of patient data and make it easily usable by healthcare providers
  • Enable real-time patient data collection, alerts, and recommendations even with unreliable connectivity
  • Support compliance with strict healthcare regulations, including HIPAA


  • Couchbase Mobile enables seamless data collection and sync without reliance on a steady network

  • Diabetic patients can automatically track insulin shots, glucose levels, and more in real time with a mobile app

  • Doctors have real-time access to patient health data

  • Patient data is secure without sacrificing speed, scalability, or ease of use