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Couchbase Academy

Productive teams get the best results when they share a common skill set. Couchbase Academy provides extensive hands-on learning experiences to help your team implement Couchbase products quickly and effectively. Whether you want to learn on your own or with the guidance of an in-person instructor, the Academy’s courses cover Couchbase NoSQL, data modeling, querying, indexing, searching, various software development kits (SDKs), administration topics, and more. Read on to choose the best way to get your team up to speed.

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Experience how easy it is to develop on Couchbase using your existing SQL skills. Choose your topics of interest and learn at your own pace.

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Instructor-led training

Take your training to the next level. Choose from public or private classes led by Couchbase experts who can answer your toughest questions.

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Learn all the skills required to effectively develop data-driven applications using Couchbase. This includes how to model data in a NoSQL world, how to create and optimize queries using N1QL, and how to create applications in a number of languages that interact with Couchbase.

Understand the core concepts related to data modeling, N1QL, and full-text search. If you’re used to working with relational databases, learn how to smoothly transition into the world of Couchbase and NoSQL.

Transfer your skills as a DBA or DevOps person to the world of NoSQL with Couchbase. Learn the core fundamentals of NoSQL and the architecture of Couchbase.

Associate Architect

  • CB131 – Associate Architect Course
    This self-paced course provides basic information on NoSQL, how to install and connect to the database, how to use N1QL query, code examples of implementing Java, .NET, and Node.js code, as well as basic functionality of Full-Text Search.

Professional Architect

Expert Architect

  • CD410 – Advanced N1QL Course
    This course goes into detail on key concepts for building, managing, and deploying N1QL queries and Global Secondary Indexes (GSI) as part of your Couchbase applications.

Associate Admin

Professional Admin

Expert Admin

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Certification is now available for a number of courses. Join a rapidly growing elite team of developers, architects, and administrators who are Couchbase certified.

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Studies show that employees who are well trained report greater job satisfaction, which can lead to greater retention of high-quality talent. Also, when your IT professionals are proficient with Couchbase, they’ll be able to spend more time using it efficiently to achieve your business goals and less time going through exercises of trial and error. Finally, training prepares your team to be proactive in anticipating and addressing challenges, rather than reacting to problems after they happen.

With Couchbase Academy you get the most accurate and important information delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Investing your time here will help you and your team be successful and give you the fastest return on the efforts you put in!