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NoSQL Databases: Pricing for Cloud, Server, and Mobile

Couchbase Cloud™ offers competitive NoSQL database pricing and licensing along with unmatched agility and performance. We don’t margin stack on cloud pricing, so you can negotiate the best cloud computing prices and cloud services pricing directly with your cloud services provider. Combine great NoSQL database pricing with raw performance, multi-dimensional scaling, and the ability to assign service levels to each cluster, and you benefit from a low total cost of ownership that leads the industry.

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Server and Sync Gateway

Server and Sync Gateway

Initial response time 8 hours 1 hour 5 hours 2 hours
Hours 10x5 24x7 10x5 24x7
Hours of operation 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 24x7 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 24x7
Entry price $0.28/hr per node* $0.44/hr per node* Contact Contact
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*The pricing shown above is for Couchbase services only. It does not include pricing for any required AWS resources (e.g., compute instances).

Public Cloud Marketplaces

Marketplace Listing Couchbase Cloud Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway
Description Fully managed database as a service Deploy and manage your own Couchbase clusters with the option to add Couchbase for mobile and edge computing.
AWS Get Started on AWS Marketplace Get Started on AWS Marketplace
Azure Get Started on Azure Marketplace Get Started on Azure Marketplace
GCP Coming Soon Get Started on GCP Marketplace

Couchbase Cloud Pricing FAQ


What do I get with Couchbase Cloud?

Fully functional clusters of Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition deployed in your private AWS account, managed from the Couchbase Cloud control plane.


What kind of NoSQL instances can I run?

The Couchbase Cloud computing infrastructure supports over a dozen instance types in AWS and Azure, and customers can tailor them based on the needs of their applications. Couchbase’s multi-dimensional scaling enables customers to run different instance types within a single cluster to optimize performance for each Couchbase service.


Can I use reserved instances?

NoSQL database customers are encouraged to select reserved instances of cloud servers and use their hard-earned company discounts for long-term savings of up to 75% over hourly billing.


Are volume usage discounts available for Couchbase Cloud?

Customers are encouraged to purchase service credits in advance to enjoy a minimum 20% additional discount. Additional discounts are available based on the quantity of credits purchased.


Is there a minimum monthly credit consumption limit?

There are no monthly credit consumption limits like there are with NoSQL database pricing for other products. You will neither lose credits for underutilization, nor suffer overage charges for exceeding a limit like you will with other products.


How else can I save?

You can take advantage of Couchbase’s multi-dimensional scaling and its services in order to make consumption match your performance requirements.


What about the cloud server price/performance of a specific workload on a cluster?

Compare NoSQL workload performance of Couchbase versus alternatives, and you will see raw performance advantages.


Where is Couchbase Cloud Service available?

Couchbase Cloud Service is currently available in AWS and Azure. AWS regions available include: regions in North America, the EU, and Asia. AWS North America Regions: US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Canada (Central), AWS EU Regions: EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), EU (London), EU (Paris), EU (Stockholm), AWS Asia Regions: Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, and Mumbai. Azure regions available include: West US 2, Central US, East US, East US2, UK South, Northern Europe, France Central, West Europe, Japan East, and Southeast Asia.


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