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N1QL Opens Couchbase Server to Massive SQL Ecosystem

Couchbase N1QL Query Language Extends SQL-- Making it Fast and Easy for SIs and ISVs to Build NoSQL Connectors and Integrations

Industry heavyweights are announcing support for Couchbase N1QL (pronounced Nickel), a comprehensive declarative query language that combines the power of SQL with the flexibility of a document database. Technology leaders including Avalon LLC., Informatica, Looker, Metanautix, Simba Technologies and Tableau have partnered with Couchbase to build connectors and integrations that leverage N1QL. Couchbase today announced the beta release of N1QL from its user conference, Couchbase Connect, attended by more than 3,000 people. See accompanying release “Oracle, MySQL, Cassandra and MongoDB Among Developers to Benefit from Breakthrough Query Language, Couchbase N1QL.”

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“We used SQL as the starting point for N1QL because for the past 40 years, SQL has been the standard language for developing enterprise applications. Enterprise workforces are familiar with SQL, and SIs and ISVs around the world build applications on SQL,” said Bob Wiederhold, CEO at Couchbase. “By creating a language that is fully declarative and SQL compatible, we make it much easier for enterprises to fit Couchbase Server into their diverse application architectures. Working with our partners will only make it easier for enterprises to build Web, mobile and IoT applications on Couchbase Server, which is consistently proven to be the most scalable, high performing NoSQL database available.”

Quotes on Couchbase N1QL

Avalon, LLC.

“Enterprises engage Avalon for our deep understanding of enterprise NoSQL solutions. We recommend Couchbase Server to organizations looking to build disruptive solutions for competitive advantage,” said Avalon Principal Evangelist and NoSQL author Kurt Cagle. “I’m particularly excited by the introduction of N1QL – this new query language is easy to understand and work with to search and generate JSON–especially for people with a SQL background. Most importantly, it gives Couchbase a powerful query language that all NoSQL databases should have, but don’t.”


“The Looker Connector for Couchbase makes it easier for organizations to perform near real time analytics on enterprise data that is critical to corporate growth,” said Frank Bien, CEO at Looker. “Couchbase Server with N1QL will change the game for direct access to data within NoSQL, and without moving the data first. N1QL makes operational analytics and insights possible for the enterprise to access and transform data by querying Couchbase Server through a familiar SQL interface – this eliminates one of the major barriers to using NoSQL for mission-critical applications.”


“Increasingly, enterprises are adopting NoSQL to support mission-critical applications – which means data stored in NoSQL has to be accessible by the rest of the enterprise ecosystem,” said Ronen Schwartz, vice president and general manager, Informatica Cloud, Informatica. “With N1QL, Couchbase is delivering a familiar SQL-like interface that makes it faster and easier to access, query and report on data from the Couchbase Server. Together, Informatica and Couchbase are helping customers better transform, manage and integrate data across the enterprise and in the cloud.”


“As data silos proliferate in the enterprise, NoSQL is playing a growing role in the data supply chain. That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with Couchbase to enable the integration of NoSQL with traditional SQL for data of any size, location and format,” said Theo Vassilakis CEO and co-founder of Metanautix. “The launch of N1QL not only accelerates the growth of the Couchbase eco-system, but it also makes the Couchbase Server an accessible enterprise data source that can be queried, connected to and reported on by Metanautix Quest for integration with traditional Business Intelligence.”

Simba Technologies

“We are proud to be the partner chosen by Couchbase to build and distribute the ODBC and JDBC drivers that connect directly to Couchbase data,” says Simba Technologies CEO Amyn Rajan. “Couchbase’s N1QL release takes unstructured-data query capability to new levels of performance and ease, and Simba’s high-performance SQL connectors are now all the faster because N1QL enables them to push functionality to the Couchbase server.”


“We are excited to work with Couchbase to bring customers an easy-to-use connection to directly analyze unstructured data like enterprise Web logs, mobile and sensor data, without having to transform it,” said Jeff Feng, product manager at Tableau. “This promotes agility and time-to-value while reducing the burden on IT.”


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