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Couchbase and Spring Data Make it Easier for Developers to Build Next Generation Enterprise Applications

Spring Data Couchbase Integration Gives Millions of Java Developers Access to World’s Most Scalable, Best Performing NoSQL Database

Mountain View, CA – September 8, 2014 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Couchbase, Inc., provider of the most complete NoSQL database, today announced the release of Spring Data Couchbase Integration, continuing its investment in the integration of Couchbase Server into the Spring ecosystem. The Spring Data Couchbase Integration gives millions of Java developers simpler, faster and better capabilities to build modern enterprise applications.

“Building mission critical applications that can support ever growing enterprise requirements for scalability, flexibility and performance requires developers to know many different technologies.” said Ravi Mayuram, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Couchbase.  “With Spring Data Couchbase integration, Couchbase and Spring offer Java developers a familiar and consistent programming model to build simple, portable, fast and flexible JVM-based systems and applications that run on the fastest, best performing NoSQL database available today.”

Spring, by Pivotal, is the most popular Java platform in the world, with millions of Java developers using it to build enterprise applications. Couchbase Server is quickly gaining its place as the best NoSQL database in the world, accelerating growth quarter over quarter and leapfrogging the competition with new product releases and major customer wins at some of the largest companies around the world. Combining the scalability and ultra high performance of Couchbase Server with the popularity of Spring, makes it easier for millions of java developers around the world to build scalable, reliable, next generation mission critical, cloud and big data applications.

“Spring provides the world’s largest community of Java developers with a comprehensive and open programming model to build better enterprise applications,” said Randy MacBlane, vice president of engineering at Pivotal. “As Couchbase has rapidly gained in popularity, we have seen growing demand from both Couchbase and Spring Open Source communities to bring distributed data management from Couchbase to Spring Framework apps.  We are excited to provide this integration to the millions of developers building on Spring.”

Spring Data Couchbase integration allows users to:

  • Easily integrate with the complete Spring Ecosystem
  • Work in objects versus JSON documents
  • Easily access Couchbase Server through high-level repositories, down to full custom access as needed
  • Reuse stable and mature Spring components for robustness and feature completeness
  • Build applications using a unified programming model that enables easy migration and interoperability between Couchbase, relational databases and search engines

“The Spring Data Couchbase Library enabled our Java server team to develop a secure, reliable scalable single page application in no time,” said Frederic Laub, Chief Technology Officer of a stealth startup. “Quick and dirty development has lost its meaning. With the Spring Data Couchbase Library, it’s quick, reliable, scalable and secure development out of the box.”

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