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Couchbase Adds App Services to Enhance Couchbase Capella with Mobile Support, Allowing Developers to More Easily Build Modern Distributed Applications

Addition of Mobile Support Enhances Capella’s Position as an Industry-leading Database-as-a-Service, Extending High-performance to Mobile and IoT Applications From the Cloud to the Edge

Santa Clara, Calif. – June 2, 2022Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE), a leading modern database provider for enterprise applications, today announced that Couchbase CapellaTM now fully manages and hosts a backend for mobile and IoT applications called Capella App Services. The enhanced offering makes it easier for developers to design and deploy fast and resilient mobile applications that seamlessly sync data between the cloud and devices, enabling applications to work regardless of whether they are online or offline. Now as a fully managed service, development teams can save time, effort and resources by streamlining setup configuration, synchronization and ongoing backend services management.

“Mobile capabilities are a key component for our customers’ modern applications, and we selected Couchbase specifically because it is the only database that can meet our needs for distributed offline-first mobile apps, performance and scale,” said Daniele Angeli, CEO and founder of MOLO17. “Now with Capella App Services, we get a fully managed cloud database along with managed mobile sync services. This new innovation accelerates our development and helps us use our resources more efficiently to ultimately deliver the best mobile applications to our customers.”

Without built-in, robust bi-directional synchronization, developers have to design and build this complex capability themselves to prevent mobile applications from suffering from incorrect or lost data, which could lead to frustrated application end-users, delayed operations and additional costs. Reliability is a core attribute of today’s modern applications and must be powered by a database that can support backend app services such as synchronization to maintain data integrity and consistency, producing applications that can be depended on for business-critical use cases that require high availability, security, and speed.

“Organizations need a database that can meet modern performance demands; with Capella we are uniquely positioned to significantly improve flexibility, deliver distributed and mobile experiences and drive down the total cost of ownership for customers,” said Scott Anderson, senior vice president of Product Management at Couchbase. “The number one request we receive is to add our unmatched mobile services to Capella. By unifying the entire Couchbase product offering under Capella, we are delivering all of Couchbase as-a-service with a highly competitive cloud offering that makes it easier for developers to build the next great mobile and IoT applications.”

Integrating mobile capabilities into Capella means that customers get the best of Couchbase as-a-service:

  • Easy to build for developers: Capella is a one-stop-shop for developers, who can leverage SQL, SDKs and extensive platform and language support to build fast and resilient mobile apps that seamlessly sync from the cloud to edge devices, while delivering offline-first data access, peer-to-peer syncing and automatic data conflict resolution.
  • Easy to manage for architects: Deploy and manage both the DBaaS and Mobile sync services through a single easy-to-use interface. App Services connect to edge and mobile devices, facilitating data synchronization and making it easier for customers to manage their application backend from the cloud tothe edge.
  • More mobile use cases: Managing the synchronization gateway through Capella App Services dramatically expands the kinds of business-to-employee and business-to-consumer application use cases that Capella can support such as gaming, field employee support and customer experience.

Capella Mobile Release
Capella App Services for Mobile Sync

Couchbase Capella App Services is available now in private beta for customers. Please contact a Couchbase sales representative for more details.

Further Capella Innovation by Extending to Google Cloud

Additionally, today Couchbase announced that it has extended Capella to Google Cloud, adding multicloud capabilities to its high-performance and easy-to-use DBaaS. Developers get maximum flexibility across cloud service providers and can build and scale applications on Google’s expansive cloud infrastructure with just a few clicks.

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