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MOLO17 & Couchbase

As organizations continue to maximize the benefits of digital transformation, more and more are migrating from legacy RDBMS to NoSQL to make their modern applications more flexible, scalable, and affordable. Many choose Couchbase’s multi-model database for its unmatched in-memory speed, SQL familiarity, and JSON flexibility. GlueSync by MOLO17 offers the smoothest and safest way to replicate/migrate data from any RDBMS and from other NoSQL databases to Couchbase's powerful NoSQL data platform in real time.

Modernize with MOLO17 and Couchbase

To make your organization’s digital transformation possible, you’ll need a fast, secure, reliable, and flexible way to move data from existing relational databases or outdated NoSQL platforms to Couchbase either on-premise or in the cloud. MOLO17 GlueSync ensures business continuity with no impact and no downtime. GlueSync is a cloud-native plug and play solution that can securely unlock the potential of enterprise data and safely accelerate your journey to Couchbase. GlueSync implements change data capture (CDC), which is an efficient data integration process that minimizes the time and resources needed to move data from existing relational databases. As a Docker containerized application, GlueSync can easily be deployed anywhere (Docker, Kubernetes, on-premise, and in the cloud).

"Recognizing Couchbase as a leading digital transformation company, MOLO17 developed a product that takes a holistic approach in bridging traditional RDBMS to Couchbase. Our goal is to allow enterprise customers to leverage, through our complementary technology, their enormous volumes of data with a robust and NoSQL-by-design solution like Couchbase."

Daniele Angeli

Founder and CEO, MOLO17