Execute applications in real time

Couchbase and Confluent Cloud simplify real-time data pipelines by combining the power of cloud-native data streaming with flexible storage for faster insights and data-driven applications.

Improved operational efficiencies

Confluent's fully managed data streaming platform alleviates the complexities of infrastructure management, enabling customers to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure maintenance. This enables organizations to unify their data from disparate sources, including legacy systems, IoT devices, cloud services, and more into a centralized,highly scalable platform.

Integrate, synchronize, and distribute data

Confluent Cloud enables organizations to effortlessly connect diverse data sources, ensuring data consistency and reliability through efficient synchronization. This allows customers to distribute data in real time to various applications and systems.

FAQ for Confluent

Founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka®, Confluent enables organizations to harness data from across their entire business in real time and build highly scalable, reliable, streaming data pipelines to fuel modern applications.

  • What is Confluent versus Kafka?

    Apache Kafka is an open source distributed event streaming platform. Built by the original creators of Kafka, Confluent Cloud is a cloud-native and complete data streaming platform available everywhere businesses need in—in the cloud, across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

  • What problem does Confluent solve?

    Confluent Cloud handles all aspects of data streaming infrastructure management, including provisioning, scaling, monitoring, and maintenance so users don’t have to manage Kafka clusters themselves. Beyond Kafka, Confluent provides 120+ pre-built source and sink connectors, serverless Apache Flink® stream processing, stream governance, enterprise-grade security controls, and more.

  • Who uses Confluent?

    The flexibility, scalability, and reliability of Confluent Cloud makes it suitable for a wide range of industries and use cases where real-time data streaming and processing are essential.

  • What are the benefits of using Confluent Cloud?

    Confluent Cloud offers a fully managed and complete data streaming platform, proven to lower the total cost of ownership for Kafka by up to 60% (Forrester TEI) and accelerate developer productivity when working with real-time data.

  • Does Confluent Cloud support Apache Flink?

    Confluent Cloud provides a cloud-native, serverless service for Flink that enables simple, scalable, and secure stream processing that integrates seamlessly with Apache Kafka—offered as unified services on one platform.

  • Does Confluent provide stream governance capabilities?

    Confluent provides stream governance capabilities, including schema registry for schema management, a platform-wide stream catalog, and stream lineage visualizations.

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