Managing millions of products at the world’s third-largest retailer

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Customer application

  • Price and promotions
  • Stock
  • Shopping cart
  • Transport and tracking – IoE and real-time big data
  • Product onboarding


Use case

  • Profile management
  • Product catalog
  • Session store
  • Caching


Cloud provider

  • AWS

Key features

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Couchbase powers catalog and inventory management at the third-largest retailer in the world measured by gross revenues, allowing Tesco to easily support tens of millions of products in-store and online for millions of customers. With Couchbase, Tesco can deliver a superior shopping experience, running price and promotions, stocking, shopping cart, supply chain, and new product apps with high performance and high availability.



  • Product data stored in multiple relational databases

  • Needed fast, easy access/sharing for product data throughout the company and ability to store and update product data for 10M items

  • Support frequently changing data and multiple data structures


  • Easily and inexpensively scales to support 10M products and 35K requests per second as well as seasonal Black Friday traffic

  • Low-latency access to millions of documents for great customer experiences

  • JSON enables flexible schema for changing SKUs and support for SQL and text-based queries