About Seenit and Couchbase

Founded in 2014, Seenit is built from the ground up with Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile to provide enterprises with a collaborative video platform that’s innovative and easy to use. The premise of Seenit is simple: Crowdsourcing video from employees, fans, and other amateurs provides a raw authenticity that can’t be captured any other way. The main challenge is enabling users to sort through hundreds or thousands of video clips to find the shots they really want. By applying Couchbase’s N1QL and Full Text Search (FTS) over machine learning in the Google Cloud, Seenit provides its customers with an incredibly powerful search function that allows them to filter submissions by objects in the video, specific words or phrases in the audio, video and audio quality, sentiment, and many other attributes. N1QL enables Seenit to sort, filter, transform, group, and combine data from multiple JSON documents with a single query. And Couchbase’s FTS allows Seenit to provide fuzzy search, word stemming, boosting, and other complex search features with just a few lines of code. Seenit implemented full-text search across its entire platform in only a week, and now its customers can search hundreds of thousands of documents in a fraction of a second.

About Seenit

Seenit is a video collaboration tool with the potential to connect budding filmmakers and broadcasters with advertisers, news organizations and employers that want to source video from their audience.


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