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About rapidBizApps and Couchbase

rapidBizApps creates intuitive and reliable mobile apps that drive transformational results in physically demanding, capital-intensive industries such as mining. Using rapidBizApps solutions such as groundHog, rapidInspect, and formHound, mining companies are tracking performance and capturing vital data from equipment deployed above and below ground. Companies can use this data to optimize fleet management, improve worker productivity, streamline inspections, reduce equipment downtime, and more. With Couchbase, rapidBizApps can empower its customers to optimize resources and protect miners in the harshest locations.


“We no longer have to spend time and money developing all the back-end technologies. With Couchbase, we can concentrate on delivering innovative user experiences that meet our customers’ evolving needs.”

Krishna Kunam
Chief Technology Officer, rapidBizApps
Krishna Kunam Chief Technology Officer rapidBizApps