At Couchbase, we equip our customers with a cloud database platform that delivers fast, reliable, and always-on premium experiences for their users and customers. We believe modern customer experiences need a database platform that can keep up with a continuously evolving environment. Our customer stories library is packed with real-world examples of how our customers are powering their modern applications with Couchbase, and we recently added a few new stories we’re excited to share. Keep reading to learn how three companies across the high-tech and media and entertainment industries are scaling their mission-critical business applications with Couchbase and our Database-as-a-Service, Capella.

MOLO17 Builds Always-Connected Emergency Safety Apps with Capella

Couchbase customer MOLO17 sat down with us to discuss their own modern applications powered by Couchbase Capella. MOLO17 is an IT services organization focused on building applications with 100% uptime for the various industries they work with. In this discussion, founder and CEO of MOLO17, Daniele Angeli discusses one of the applications his team built with Couchbase in 2020 – an app for medical emergency situations that enables response vehicles such as ambulances and helicopters to share real-time data with hospitals before a patient’s arrival. With the offline sync capabilities of Capella App Services, the application is able to work entirely offline, allowing users to reliably send data regardless of Internet connectivity. 

Most recently, MOLO17 released another application with similar capabilities for the Italian coast guard. Each year in the Gulf of Trieste, a world-renowned regatta is held with thousands of boats competing. When the coast guard needed a tracking and communication mobile app for sailors to send information including precise location and details about emergency situations, MOLO17 created the YouSeaMe app. Also built on Capella, the app offers a streamlined information flow, offline availability and near real-time synchronization which resulted in more efficient rescues and a safer sailing experience for users.

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Netropolix Gets Better Performance, Scale and Efficiency with Capella DBaaS for Medical App

IT solutions company, Netropolix, creates applications for various types of events, specializing in medical conferences. The company handles large amounts of customer data for reporting and analytics that comes in from various sources. As Systems Architect Simba Mupfunya explains, the team quickly spotted inefficiencies with their large data lakes and realized they needed a solution that was faster and more reliable with low latency and high throughput to deliver a better performing end product for their customers. Wanting to reduce time spent transporting and managing their database and servers on-prem at conferences, Netropolix looked into Database-as-a-Service solutions and selected Capella to help combine all of the incoming data into a single source in the cloud. 

Since switching to Capella, Netropolix is now able to smoothly process a large number of requests (up to 10,000 users logging onto the app at one time to view conference sessions). And with Capella handling the load and user spikes, Netropolix has been able to build even more solutions and introduce additional customers to their offerings without needing to worry about potential failures.

“We investigated Capella’s pricing structure and the way it maximizes results in relation to cost. For us, we quickly realized that based on the use case we have, it was able to handle quite a lot. If we were to take that same configuration and use another database, I don’t think we would have ever achieved the same results,” says Mupfunya.

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Digital entertainment studio, Cinesite, powers its film and entertainment production pipeline with Couchbase

When the award-winning digital entertainment studio behind films such as “Wakanda Forever” and “No Time to Die” was looking for a solution that would enable artists from studios around the world to collaborate on large scale visual effects and animation projects, it turned to Couchbase’s cloud database platform to create a global production pipeline that can complete projects quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality. 

“The nature of modern VFX and animation means we have to be able to work efficiently at scale. Coordinating hundreds of artists across multiple studios on each project; distributing workloads so that projects are completed on time and to the highest quality require a strict version control over every element of every frame we work on. Our previous solution, originally designed a few years ago when we were all working under one roof, was no longer up to the task,” said Michele Sciolette, CTO of Cinesite.

“We needed a replacement that could support the data requirements of modern VFX and animation and replicate data across all our studios to ensure we have a consistent view on the data that each one of our artists is creating. It also had to guarantee the scalability, performance and reliability we need, all without demanding extensive and expensive re-skilling. We considered several offerings, but Couchbase was the only one which met our full demands.” 

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